PA010112 PA1/112
PA010113 PA1/113
PA010114 PA1/114
PA01011S PAl /11 S
PA010116 PA1L/116
PA010117 PA1L/117
PA010118 PAl/118
PA010119 PA1/119
PA010120 PA1/120
P.C.M. Control Panel. Provides control of Mono/Stereo
switching and Wrotham drive changeover for R2, R3 and R4
30Smm x
Supersedes PA8/409. DD 1979.
P.C.M. Indicator Panel. Provides control of X/Y switching
of P.C.M. and mimic diagrams showing status of links to
Wrotham, Regions and Rowridge driven by U-link routing
panel PAl/Ill. 30Smm x 124mm desk panel. Supersedes
PA8/409. DD 1979.
U-Link Panel. 32 way U-link panel, similar in function to
P.O. Test Tablet D66290 (30 way). Constructed on 482mm x
IU high steek pan-type panel, finished in BBC bright silver
to match BMM anodised finish. Equipped with 64
individually mounted insulated sockets, and with facility
for fitting designation strip or designation labels. Can
be fitted with earth bar and or lacing bar. ED 1979.
U-Link Panel. Fitted with black PA1/114A and white
insulated sockets mounted in pairs alternating along the
length of the panel. ED 1984.
Monitoring and Diplexing Panel. This unit combines the 'A'
and 'B' halves of Band 11 transmitters, and monitors the
resultant output. Power alarms are raised if the output
level falls below preset values. Power requirements 34-40V
300mA maximum. Parent equipment AM14/42. Sub-units MN1/20
and FLS/10. DD 1980.
Sypher 2 Interface Panel. This panel is used for data
conversion between the Data Entry Control Panel, PA6/98
and the machine synchroniser in the Sypher 2 sound dubbing
system. It also provides a S.2SV, lA supply for the
PA6/98. Sub-units UN23/120 and PS2/187P. DD 1980.
Lime Grove Dubbing Interface Panel.
Modification of
PAlL/116. Converts data between Data Entry Panel PA6/98
and Machine Synchroniser in Lime Grove Sound Dubbing
System. Also provides S.2SV, lA supply the PA6/98. Sub-
units UN23/120, PS2/187P. DD 1982.
Coder Monitor. To
allocated part of
Sub-units C08/4A,
MN1/9, UN1/1S3 and
monitor 13 channel PCM coders to fit in
PA1M/78 which itself is part of BA1/4.
UN23/1SA, MN1/21, EQ3/36, UN3/38(2),
UN16/1. DD 1980.
Transformer Panel. To mount 10 transformers type AL94/2P
to convert unbalanced output from limiters to balanced on
the London Continuity desk. 3u Bay mounted panel. Parent
equipment EP10/19. DD 1981. DDMI 3.703(81).
Technical Intercom Panel. Replaces PA8/311 in type D
continuities; provides high quality microphone and
loudspeaker to interface with Pye M100 technical intercom
in Broadcasting House, London. Power requirements +ve
earth SOV d.c. CH1/37D. Sub-units AMS/20, AM9/21. SCPD
1981. _
Fan Panel. This unit contains two identical brushless DC
fans mounted on a simple aluminium chassis. An XLR fixed