PA01012l PA1/121A,B
PA010122 PA1/122
PA010123 PA1/123
PA010124 PA1/124
PA010125 PAl/125
PA010126 PA1M/126
PA010127 PA1/127
PA010128 PA1/128
plug is used for power connection. Power requirements 16-
30V DC 1.2A max. Parent equipment AM14/5l. DD 1981. DDMI
Band 11 Monitoring Panel. This unit houses an harmonic
filter FL4/72 and monitoring unit MNl/24. The 'A' version
is for a single RF input (one service); the 'B' version
contains two identical halves for monitoring two individual
inputs. Power requirements 28V at 200mA max. 4U 19"
MN1/24. DD 1981.
11 Montitoring Panel.
This unit houses 2 harmonic
filters FL4/72 and 2 monitoring units MNl/24 to monitor 2
RF inputs. Note This unit is identical to and a direct
replacement for PA1/121B before CF50l50 issued on 1.10.82
was applied. Power requirements 28V at 200mA max. 4u-
19" Panel. Supersedes original PA1/121B. Parent equipment
AM14/51A-D. Sub-units FL4/72, MNl/24. DD 1982.
Dual CIP Alarm and Cancel Panel. Contains front panel
controls and auxilliary indications for operation of 1 or 2
master CIPs (Band 11 or MF). Similar in function to
PA1/107. Connections on rear; power, CIP1, CIP2, CIP/AFR
Interface (2), Aux In/Out, System Normal and Station Alarm
Relay contacts, Remote indication box. Contains 8 bytes (4
each way) simultaneous read/write memory to allow inter-
change of information between 2 CIPs asynchronously. Link
selectable on PB No. 3: 1 or 2 CIP operation. By addition
of PB No. 3 and slight mods, PA1/107 up grade possible.
Power requirements Dual +5.7 volts. Supersedes in some
cases PA1/107. Parent equipment to be used with PA6M/97
A,B,C (Band 11 and MF CIPs). DD 1982.
OS Insert Jackfield Panel.
Jack for outside sources 5
CH1/71A. SSRU, SCPD 1982.
To provide break and listen
and 6, as part of DK4/l9.
Amplifier Mounting Panel. Mountin Panel for 10 Amplifiers
AM7/20 with 10 Transformers LL/252H mounted on rear of
AM7/20. DD 1982.
Tone Switching Panel. Contains relay which switches line
output of DK4/l9 between desk output and station tone.
CH1/71A. SCPD SSRU 1982.
Modem Panel. Chassis containing 2 Gandalf Modem units and
one changeover unit. Power requirements 240V AC. PN3/54.
Sub-units SE1/8, MD5/2. DD 1982.
Display Panel. The Panel receives and decodes multiplexed
time information and displays time on eight, seven segment
LED's. It forms part of the EP1M/34 Timecode Update
System. Power requirements l2V 600mA. Panel approx 510 x
145 x 20mm. Parent equipment EP1M/34. DD 1982. DDMI
Fan Tray and Distribution
distrubition unit 4U high
Fan tray and mains
depth framework with