sliding tray, housing 2 Papst DC fan units with heat
sensing speed control. A rear mains distribution unit
contains 4 XLR-LNE mains outputs independently fused. Fans
are fitted with replaceable filter pads. Power
requirements mains input. Extended depth 4U framework.
Parent equipment CD4M/S04, CD4M/SOS. RD 1982.
PA010129 PA1/129
Connection Panel.
Connection Panel fitted with sockets to
receive signals from DK4/4l and microphone inputs. The
connection panel fitted on the front of the Audio and
Switching Equipment EPSM/23 for plugging in microphones,
tape recorders, telephones etc. Power requirements +SV.
Supersedes DK4/24. Parent equipment EPS/22. DD 1983.
PA010130 PA1S/130 Synthesiser Interface Panel. This unit controls an HP333SA
frequency synthesiser, as part of the EPl S/ 42 Rampisham
Transmitter control system. Frequency and level monitoring
facilities are provided, and the equipment can be used in
conjunction with Marconi 500 kW channelised transmitters.
Power requirements 240 V a.c. 4U 19" rack, non BMM.
Parent equipment EP1S/42. DD 1985.
PA01013l PA1/13l
Studio Channel Desk Panel.
Channel module for type D
continuity to feed the cont. group. Similar to PA8/31S but
without any remote or echo facilities. To be placed in the
cont. channels AM22/2 position in teh studio desk for extra
inputs to the desk. compact disc players or extra cartridge
manchines. Power requirements -24V d.c. -16V d.c.
CH1/37A. PA8/31S. RES 1984.
PA010132 PA1/132
Loudspeaker Pat tress Panel.
A studio pattress panel with
five EP-3 outlets for loudspeakers A, B, A+B, FB/PAl and
FB/PA2. There is the facility to dim the A, Band A+B and
A+B outputs.
First used G.P. Radio Studios.
requirements -SOV. Panel 280 x 192. EPl! 43. Sub-units
LL2S1H. SCPD RSS 1984.
PA010133 PA1/133 Tie Line Panel. A studio pattress panel providing six
audio tie lines on jacks and a 38 way Varicon. a presenters
unit outlet on a 38 way Varicon and XLR-7-3l for reverse
talkback. First used in G.P. Radio Studios. Power
requirements -50V. Panel 280 x 192. Parent equipment
EP1/43. SCPD RSS 1984.
PA010134 PA1/134A & B Microphone Panel. A studio pattress panel providing ten
microphone inputs on XLR-3-3l' S and paralleled to two 38-
way Varicons. Version A also has a REC/REP hypertac
socket. First used G.P. Radio Studios. SCPD RSS 1984.
PA01013S PA1M/135 Line-up Tone Panel. Provides 1 kHz and 440 Hz outputs from
D .As. Tones locked to a 5 MHz reference. Power Supplies
and dividers duplicated with automatic changeover. Power
requirements 240 Vac. PN3/SS. DD 1984. DDHB 1.201(85).
PA010136 PA1S/136 Audio Alarm Panel. An independent unit which uses the
GElS/21 Audio Alarm Generator to produce alarm sounds. The
sounds are triggered by relay inputs. The unit also
contains a Power Supply and Loudspeaker Amplifier. A
balanced output at +8 dBu into 600 Q is provided as well as