PA010137 PA1/137
PA010138 PA1/138
PA010139 PAl/139
PA010140 PA1/l40
PA010141 PAl/141
PA010142 PA1/142
PA010143 PA1/143
PA010144 PA1/144
PA010575 PA1M/575
the Loudspeaker. output.
PN3/72 modified. 1U panel.
Power requirements
Sub-units GE1S/21.
240 Vac.
DD 1984.
Frame Counter Panel. Accepts frame count pulses from a
Steenbeck film editing bench and displays a count of film
frames and footage. Power requirements 5 V, 500 mA. Unit
approx. 200 x 140 x 27 mm. Parent equipment EP1S/553. DD
1984. DDMI 7.548(86).
RF Switch and Filter Panel. Input selector and channel
filter(s) for DM1M/506 as used in Transmitter Input
Equipment bay. A typical unit will have four inputs and
two UHF channel filters but other configurations will be
available depending on the particular transmitter site.
Power requirements :t12 V (from DM1M/506). 1 U 19" panel.
DD 1985.
R.F. Feeder Switch Matrix Indicator Panel. Mimic Panel
Indication of R.F. Sender to Array switched states through
Feeder switch matrix. Installed in Seychelles R.F. Control
System. Power requirements: 24 V dc. 4 U panel -PN3/54.
Sub-units: C05/28. D &ED (C) 1986.
Switch Matrix Indicator Panel.
Mimic Panel
indication of R.F. sender to array switched states through
feeder switch matrix. Installed in Rong Kong R.F. control
system. Power requirements 24 V d.c. Chassis dimensions
4 U panel - PN3/54. Sub-units: C05/25. D & ED(C) 1986.
Mix-Effects Mimic Panel. Mimic panel, used with commercial
(Probel) Vision Matrix, part of EP5/521. This mimics the
mix-effects configuration selected at any time. Power
requirements supplied from matrix. Chassis 3U panel.
Parent equipment EP5/521. D & ED (Test Lab.) 1987.
Cox Relay Panel. By using 2 x DIL Relay Boards to SP30732,
this panel forms an interface between an EP5/521 and a Cox
Colour Synthesiser.
Power requirements -9Vdc.
PN3/72A. D&ED (D.O.) 1987.
PPM Panel. This is a 3U dummy panel fitted with an
ME12/12A Stereo Peak Programme Meter and a telephone key
switch, for use with Local Radio VRF PIE bays. Power
requirements 24Vdc. PN1/31C. Sub-units ME12/12A. TED
Drive Changeover Panel. This is a 1U dummy panel fitted
with co-axial relays and 50Q 25W terminations, for the
purpose of switching between main and reserve FM drives on
a VRF Local Radio PIE bay. Power requirements 24vdc.
PN1/31A. TED 1987.
Waveguide Switching Control Panel. Gives control and
indication of waveguide switching by means of illuminated
push-buttons. Power requirements +5V, +12V. 3U p'anel
with PCB and rear connetor mtg bracket attached. DD 1982.
Assignment Panel. Part of EP11/502 Vision mixing
equipment. Enables control of some mixer facilities to be
assigned to a remote production control panel via G101