AM010055 AM1/55
AM010056 AM1/56
AM010057 AM1/57
AM010058 AM1/58
AM010059 AM1/59
AM010060 AM1/60
AM010600 AM1/600A
AM010611 AM1/611
AM010612 AM1/612
Tape Tension Servo Amplifier. To control the torque of the
spooling motors of the RD4/l2, thereby maintaining constant
tape tension using the tape deck jockey arm as the tension
sensing element. Power Requirements +8V. Printed circuit
board 115mm x 100mm. Parent equipment RD4/12. DD 1978.
DDMI 7.430(80).
Tape Tension Control Amplifier. This servo amplifier forms
part of the Tape Reclamation Equipment EP1/17 and EP1/17A
is used
to control
AM1/55 when the equipment is modified to incorporate tape
tension arms with rotating guides (MP1/32). Power
requirements +12 V, 50 mA. PCB approx. 105 mm x 150 mm.
Supersedes AM1/25. Parent equipment EPl/17 and EP1/17 A.
DD 1984. DDMI 7.523(84).
Second loop drive unit. Amplifies TTL pulses to drive 20mA
clock loop. Similar to AM24/1 but BMM. Power requirements
~12V d.c. CH1/64J. DD 1978.
Dual Meter Drive Amplifier. The amplifier accepts the
control voltage from either one or two UN4/6 voiceover
units and drives one or two remote gain reduction meters.
+ l2V, 0, -12V, 15mA each rail. CH1 /64A. DD 1978. DDMI
3.646(78). DDTM 3.214(78).
Dual Stereo Channel Input Amplifier provides buffering,
digitally controlled phase reverse and stereo/mono
switching, stereo offset and gain control facility, PH
outputs. Power requirements +12V/0/-12V and +5V/0/-5V. 3u
BMM. Parent equipment PA6/88, PA6/89 and PA6/90. DD 1978.
DDMI 3.675(80). DDHB 2.242(80). DDTM 3.242(80).
Frame Combing Amplifier. The amplifier is a constituent
part of the CINETRACE system. Waveforms from the Fame
Combing Generator GE1/601 are amplified to drive redundant
unsupported card. Parent equipment EP1M/550. DD 1982.
Drive Amplifier. Fits within the quad FM4 tuner to provide
gain when used for 76kHz dissemination. Power requirements
12V from internal source.
50 x 64 printed board with
aluminium bar for mounting. DD 1983.
Bank Service Amplifier. Mechanically and electrically
similar to AM1/600, but with video mode changeover
performed automatically by relays instead of manually. DD
Luminance/Chrominance Corrector. Video amplifier using the
ITS Luminance bar in an AGC system to obtain standard
signal level output. Power requirements +12V, -12V, +5V.
CH1/64A. DD 1978.
Video Amplifier. Replacement for ITT Thick Film Amplifier
233BAA. Small module, 28mm x l7mm, pin-compatible with
233BAA. Power requirements +8.5V, -4.5V 50mA. PCB 28mm x
l7mm with mounting pins. DD 1980. EDI 1039l(1)JUN80.