AM060033 AM6/33
AM070002 AM7/2A
AM070003 AM7/3A
AM070004 AM7/4B
AM070012 AM7/12A
AM070013 AM7/13A
AM070014 AM7/14
AM070015 AM7/15
AM070017 AM7/17
AM070018 AM7/18
AM070019 AM7/19
AM070020 AM7/20
Audio Limiter. Consists of four A.G.C. amplifiers. Steady
state signals in the range of -22 dBM to +22 dBM can be
held at +6 dBM. Dynamic characteristics can be changed by
requirements :!::12 V dc. 50 mA. 2 U unsupported PCB with
PN1/27J Front Panel. Chassis extender CH4/9. TCPD 1986.
Line Sending Amplifier. Accepts 0 dB
input. Gain: 10 dB. Z in: high. Z out:
pegs 5. 30. DD 1965. DD Spec 3.318.
programme volume
600 Q. CH1/18A.
As AM7/3. but gain adjusted within closer tolerance
(:!::O.ldB) for use in stereo installations. DD 1972. DDMI
Similar to AM7/4 but with protection from interference by
RF fields. Includes FL1/23. DD 1967.
Stereo/Mono Converter. This amplifier is an AM7/12
equipped with a second input. to provide stereo-to-mono
conversion. Power requirements :!::12V. Chassis CH1/65A.
Chassis extender CH1A/45. D&ED (A) 1987.
General Purpose High Gain Low Noise Line Amplifier. Fixed
gain version of AM7/13. Power requirements + l2V and -12V
at 80mA. CH1/65A. DD 1978. EDI 10353(1)NOV78.
Sending Line Amplifier. containing four amplifier circuits
each with gain variable in 2dB steps over the range +8dB
-lOdB. Maximum volume fed to line is l8dB. Input circuits
are unbalanced. Printed circuit board. l33mm x l78mm. with
front panel 30mm wide. SCPD 1974. Superseded by AM7/23.
Sending Line Amplifier. as AM7/14 but
continuously variable gain controls.
Superseded by AM7/23. OBSOLESCENT.
with internal.
SCPD 1974.
Line Send and Receive Amplifiers and filters for use with
M.I.C. telephone data reception. CH1/64J. DD 1977.
Line Sending Amplifier. Output amplifier containing 10kHz
filter. PCB 50mm x l45mm. DD 1977.
Line Sending Amplifier. Same as AM7/18 with 12.5 kHz audio
bandwidth. Power requirements :!::12 V. pcb 143 mm x 65 mm.
Parent equipment RC4M/8D. DD 1984.
Line Drive Amplifier. Printed circuit board containing 10
fixed gain audio amplifiers suitable for driving short tie
lines. Power requirements +12V. O. -12V. Parent equipment
EP10/18. DD 1979. DDMI 3.688(81). DDHB 3.258(82).
Line Sending Amplifier. The amplifier is intended for
sending programme to line. It has a gain of O. 2. 4. 6. 8
or 10dB which is controlled remotely by logic signal. A
dual input facility enables a stereo input to be connected
where a stereo to mono conversion is required. Power