AM070021 AM7/21
AM070022 AM7/22
AM070023 AM7/23
AM070024 AM7/24
AM070025 AM7/25
Board. DDMI 3.716(82). DDHB 3.277(82). EDI 10450(1) JUN
83. DD 1981.
Dual Line Amplifier. Line amplifier with remotely
controlled gain in 3/4dB steps. Contains two independent
channels. Power requirements ~200mA at !12V. CH1/82A, 3U
Unsupported Card (A width). DD 1982. DDMI3.710(82).
DDHB 3.280(82). Obsolescent. Superseded by AM7/21A.
Dual Line Amplifier. The AM7/21A is a dual Line Sending
Amplifier for use in video tape and audio record and replay
chanis. The gain is remotely adjustable between -5.25 and
+6 dB. This amplifier supercedes the AM7/21 with
additional facilities:-
1. Power supply !12 V or !24 V.
2. Ability to switch gain on program.
3. Power on indication.
Power requirements !12 V
card with A width front
10461(1)APR 84. DD 1983.
or !24 V 150 mA. 3U unsupported
panel. Supersedes AM7/21. EDI
DDMI 3.756(85). DDHB 3.318(85).
Loudspeaker Input Line Amplifier. Double line amplifier
(stereo). Unbalanced input, (transmitted earth reference).
Balanced output (d.c. coupled, without transformer). Quick
line disconnect in the event of power failure; intended to
drive line to loudspeaker amplifier. Driven from UN26/51
monitor unit. Power requirements !12.5V +5V. 3U BMM
unsupported card. DD 1982. DDMI 3.727(83).
Quad Line Amplifier. First developed for Outside Broadcast
communications in television. The module has four isolated
amplifiers using active balanced inputs and outputs. Each
amplifier has line send and receive capacity. The gain is
normally preset internally but can be adjusted between
+20dB and -10dB by a switch and variable control on the
front panel. Immunity to high fields and protection from
high voltages from entering lines required by British
Telecom is incorporated into the design. Monitoring push
buttons connect each output to a buffered bus bar which can
be commoned to other units and taken to a signal monitoring
100mm x 220mm
Eurocard. Mounted on 0.6" width front panel for 3U high
racking with 96 way Euro-connector. Supersedes AM7 /14,
AM7/15, AM5/22. SCPD 1983.
Quad Line Amplifier. Complements AM7/23 but does not have
front panel gain controls, uses same PCB and circuit as
AM7/23 but simplified front panel. Power requirements
!15 V dc at 120 mA. 222 mm x 100 mm Eurocard. Chassis
extender CH4/7. SCPD 1985.
Line Sending Amplifier. Output line sending amplifiers for
EP5M/22 N.C.A. Equipment.
To drive 600 Q P.O. Line.
Power requirements !12 V 150 mA. 3U unsupported card.
Parent equipment EP5M/22. DDMI 3.738(84). DD 1983.
Low Gain Line Amplifier. This amplifier is for internal
line-sending or ring main distribution. It accepts zero
volume signal and produces an output of 0 dB, variable
:t5 dB, from output impedances of 20 Q and 5 Q. Mono
version of AM7 /26.
Power supplier PS3/71.