AM070026 AM7/26
AM070027 AM7/27
AM070028 AM7/28
AM070029 AM7/29
AM070030 AM7/30
AM070031 AM7/31
AM070512 AM7/512
requirements !24 V, 70 mA. 3 U unsupported card with front
panel. Parent equipment AM7/12. DD 1984. DDMI 3.753(85).
DDHB 3.325(85). EDI
Low Gain Twin Line Amplifier. 2 amplifiers on 3 U card.
Each amplifier is for internal line-sending or ring-main
distribution. It accepts zero volume signal and produces
an output of 0 dB variable by !4 dB from output impedances
of 50 Q. Sui table for use as 2 mono amps or for stereo.
Sui table power supply PS3/71. Power requirements !24 V,
100 mA. 3 U unsupported card with Front Panel. Supersedes
AM7/12. DD 1985. DDMI 3.750(85). DDHB 3.325(85).
Low Gain Line Amplifier. This amplifier is for internal
line-sending or ring main distribution. It accepts zero-
volume signal and produces an output of 0 dB, variable
!5 dB, from output impedances of 20 Q and 5 Q. Similar to
Similar to AM7/25 but with built-in power supplier. Power
requirements 240 Vac. 3 U CH1/82A. DD 1985.
Stereo Line Sending Amplifier. Electrically similar to two
AM7/11 line sending amplifiers fitted in a CH1/64A chassis.
Includes a stereo headphone socket and volume control. For
general monitoring use. Power Requirements !12V. CH1/64A.
TCPD 1985.
High Gain Line Amplifier. This line amplifier is an
operational equivalent of the AM7/13 and is based on the
AM7/25 line distribution amplifier. The gain is adjustable
from 0 to 65 dB by means of a 5 dB stepped switch and 0-10
dB fine gain control, both being accessible from the front
panel. The unit will run in an AM7/25 slot and is totally
pin compatible. An on-board 600 Q termination is provided
Requirements !24 V, unreg. 150 mA. Unsupported PCB with
1/10 width front panel. Equipment superseded: AM7/13.
DD(3) 1986.
Line Sending Amplifier. This unit is a high performance
line sending amplifier and is a functional replacement for
the AM7/11. The unit has 10 dB gain with a +6 dB link for
use with 600 Q source/load applications. It also has a
se1ectable 600 Q termination on the input. The unit has
both 50 Q and 600 Q outputs with a further 600 Q monitoring
point on the front panel. The unit is pin compatible with
the AM7 /25. Power Requirements +24 V and -24 V, 150 mA
unregulated. 3 U 1/10 rack width. AM7/ll. Equipment
superseded: AM7/11. DD(3) 1986.
Line Drive Amplifier. This Ampliifer is an option
available for use with the Needle-Time Logging Equipment
EP1/61. Developed by Radio Stoke engineers. Die-cast
box. D&ED (Services Sec.) 1987.
12dB Video Line Sending Amplifier with +l2dB a/p level.
CH1/64A. DD 1975. DDMI6.326(78). DDHB 6.175(79). EDI
Line Sending Amplifier. Similar to AM7/512 but provision
made for switching the amplified gain from +9dB to +15dB.