AM100012 AM10/12
AM1 00013 AM1 0/13
AM100014 AM10/14
AM100015 AM10/15A,B
AM100016 AM10/16
AM100017 AM10/17
AM100019 AM10/19
AM100020 AM10/20A-D
Stereo Monitoring Headphone Amplifier, low output impedance
and integral volume control.
Input -20dB.
Output +16dB
across 8Q. Diecast box 120mm x 95mm x 55mm. Utilising 2
Glensound amplifier PCB' s type GS306. Replaces existing
mono head phone amplifier, in B.H. Continuity Suites. TSR
1977 .
Headphone Amplifier. Provides head phone monitoring
facilities in RP2/10. Power requirements i:15V 40mA, +5V
20mA. Parent equipment RP2/10. DD 1977.
Amplifier. Takes in feeds of pre-fade listen (stereo), cue
programme (stereo) and talkback (mono) selects one of
these, amplifies it and presents the feed to up to 2 pairs
of high impedance headphones. This is a stereo version of
the AM10/13. Power requirements +30V d.c., +5V d.c. 2U
unsupported card. Parent equipment RP2/10. DD 1978.
Headphone Amplifier. To provide drive to a headset, giving
gain control of two balanced of two balanced inputs for
each ear.
A version with hard wired inputs and outputs
B version has connections via 15-way Cannon 'D'
Power requirements i:12V. PC board approx 84mm x 84mm 'A'
version, 84mm x 100mm 'B' version. SCPD 1982.
Headphone Monitoring Amplifier. Consists of an AM10/9
mounted in sn 'A' size 4U chassis with front panel mounted
audio jack socket and volume control. (The AM10/9 is a
general purpose Monitoring Amplifier suitable for driving
headphones or small high sensitivity loudspeaker.) The
AM10/16 is primarily intended for mounting in an RD4L/513
to provide audio output for the Subtitle Preparation Desk
DK5/501. Power requirements Supplied by PS2/184 contained
in RD4L/513.
Parent equipment RD4L/513.
1982. DDMI 7.510(83).
Studio Headphone Amplifier. Split headphone amplifier unit
for use in News and General Purpose radio studios. Six
zero - level inputs to two rotary selector switches and
volume controls, one for each leg of stereo headphones,
high or low impedance. Contains glensound GS 601 amplifier
on Varicon
on 2
B-gauge jacks. Power requirements -24V or -50V, maximum
consumption 100mA. 'Scroff' box, 65mmH x 175mmW x 165mmD.
SCPD 1982.
Quad Headphone Amplifier. Four identical amplifiers for
driving paralleled ear pieces used in television. Each
amplifier has balanced input and output connections and is
current limited at 390 mA. Power requirements i:15 V Load
Dependant current. 100 x 220 mm Euro card with 3U high
Front Panel 0.6" wide. SCPD 1983.
Dual Headphone Amplifier. Dual head phone amplifier with
transformer-balanced inputs. An improved layout based on
the RD4/17 head phone amplifier board but allowing
additional components to be mounted on board.
AM10/20A - Dual head phone amplifier with gain 6 dB nominal