AMl0002l AMlOP/2l
AM1400l6 AM14/l6C,D
AM140023 AM14/23
AM140024 AM14/24
!10 dB external volume control.
AMlO/20B - As version A but the gain can be reduced to
completely eliminate the signal. Used in
AMlO/20C - Reconfigured as a single channel bridged
amplifier with auxilliary centre tapped high
impedance output. Used in DK4/44 Conductor's
AMlO/20D AMlO/20A with preset gain controls mounted
Power requirements 12 - 24 V dc. PCB 74 x 97 mm.
equipment used in; DK4/44 & A, AMlOP/2l, see also
Radio Engineering Services 1985.
on PCB.
Headphone Monitoring Amplifier. Dual Stereo Headphone
Amplifier for artists in Studios. Incorporates independant
volume controls and input selector switches for each
amplifier. A pair of headphones is plugged into a standard
PO jack inside the lid of the unit and after being clamped
securely by an adjustable P clip emerges through a slot at
each end thus preventing the loss of the headphones. An
auxilliary jack on each end of the uni t allows a second
pair of headphones to be connected for test purposes or a
loudspeaker amplifier to provide locally derived
loud speaking cue/foldback. The unit consists of a diecast
box mounted on a modified microphone. A multipair cable
emerges through the base of the stand and carries 24 V dc
and 3 stereo programme feeds to the unit. The cable is
typically 8 m long and terminates in either a Varicon 38 or
26 pole OB bayonet plug. It is in any case easily removed.
Originally intended for SSL 4000E Multitrack Consoles.
Power requirements 24 V dc at 250 mA max. Approx. 750 mm
high Box 220 x 120 x 100 including controls. Supersedes
the AMlO/18 which was abandoned. Sub-units AM10/20B.
Radio Engineering Services 1985.
RF 35W Amplifier. Options 'c' and 'D' of the amplifiers
are mechanically identical to 'A' and 'B' respectively, but
have an insertion gain of l3dB. Power requirements +34V
d.c. Parent equipment AM14/l4. DD 1978.
Low Noise RF Head Amplifier for studio communication
equipment EP8M/7 receiving aerial, working at 540MHz,
powered by d. c. feed up the coaxial cable. Mounted in
diecast box 76mm x 32mm x 32mm with 'N' type connectors.
DD 1976. DDMI 5.334(77).
RF Power Amplifier. Part of TM3M/7. Class C RF power
amplifier giving an output power of 15 watts in the
frequency range 450MHz-470MHz. Construction printed
circuit board l68mm x 133mm mounted with heat sink, on
TM3M/7 front panel. DD 1976.
l5W R.F. Power Amplifier. Class C power amplifier giving
an output power of l5W in frequency range 450 to 475MHz.
Similar to AM14/24 with wider Bandwidth and new centre
frequency. Power requirements +12V to +16V. PCB l68mm x
133 mounted on heat/sink. Parent equipment TM3M/8D. DD
1983. DDMI 5.437(84).
l5W RF Power Amplifier. Class C RF Power Amplifier giving
an output of l5W in the frequency rasnge 420MHz. Similar