AM140034 AM14/34
AM140036 AM14/36A,B
AM140037 AM14/37
AM140038 AM14/38
AM140040 AM14/40A,B
AM140041 AM14/41
AM140042 AM14/42
option 'A'. Power requirements l3.5V at 3.5A maximum.
Sub-unit PS4/5. DD 1978. DDMI 5.385(80).
Band 11 Power Amplifier l8W. Development of AM14/25 giving
5-l8W output
is accessible from
front panel of parent equipment. Power requirements l3.5V,
4A approximately. l50mm x l40mm printed board. Parent
equipment AM14/31. DD 1979. DDMI 5.387(80).
Band 11 Multiple Channel Amplifier. This amplifier houses
3 or 4 AM14/29 45W modules each carrying separate Band 11
service. The unit is 483mm rack mounted and withdraws from
the bay on slides for ease of maintenance. 'A' version: 4
service amplifiers. 'B' version: 3 service amplifiers.
Power requirements 34-40V d.c. lOA maximum. CHl/78A or
CHl/78B. Parent equipment AM14/40A,B. Sub-units CH1/78A
or CH1/78B and AM14/29. DD 1979.
Band II Two Channel Amplifier 40-90W. This amplifier
consists of two identical halves, each half incorporating
an AM14/33 module driving an AM14/30 lOOW module. The unit
is 482mm rack mounted and withdraws from the bay on slides
to facilitate maintenance. Power requirements 34-40V d.c.
l2.5A maximum. CH1/78C. Parent equipment AM14/41. Sub-
units CH1/78C, AM14/33 and AM14/30. DD 1979.
Band II Amplifier lOO-l80W C.W. This amplifier comprises
one AM14/29 module driving two AM14/30 modules in parallel
amplifier is 482mm rack mounted and will with draw from the
bay on slides to facilitate maintenance. Power
requirements 34-40V d.c. l2.5A maximum. Parent equipment
AM14/ 42. Sub-units CH1/78D, AM14/29, AM14/30 and FLl/ 53.
DD 1979.
Band II Multiple Channel Amplifier. The AM14/40A(B) is a
complete 482mm bay containing four (three) identical
amplifier chains, each of which corresponds to a band 11
channel. The four (three) channel outputs are individually
monitored prior to feeding a multi-channel combiner to
produce a single combined co-phased output aerial feed.
Each channel requires two co-phased feeds of 2W drive to
produce 40-80W output, 88-l08MHz. Power requirements 190-
AM14/36A, AM14/36B, PAl/llOA, PA1/110B, PAl/llOC and
PA1/110D. DD 1979. DDHB 5.155(80).
Band 11 Two Channel Amplifier. This power amplifier
contains two identical halves, each of which handles a
band 11 (88-108 MHz) channel. The drive requirements for
each channel is two co-phased signals of 0.5 W to produce
two co-phased outputs of 50-90 W. A diplexing and
monitoring panel (PA1/110A-D) may be added to combine the
two outputs. Power requirements 190-260 V a.c. 50 Hz.
482 mm bay. Sub-units AM14/37, PS2/260 and PS9/22. DD
Band 11 Amplifier 200-360W. This is a single channel band
11 power amplifier housed in a standard 482mm rack. The