AM140043 AM14/43
AM140044 AM14/44
AM140045 AM14/45
AM140046 AM14/46A-B
AM140047 AM14/47A-B
AM140048 AM14/48
AM140049 AM14/49
input requirement is two co-phased feeds of 1-1.5W. (88-
108MHz) for 200-360W output. The amplifiers are narrow-
band but may be tuned anywhere in band II. Output power
monitoring with remote indication is provided. Power
requirements 190-260V a.c. 50Hz. Sub-units AM14/38, PS9/22
and PS2/260. DD 1979.
Band II VHF Amplifier. VHF Band II amplifier on plug-in
printed circuit board 80mm x 52mm using 5MB connectors.
Mounted on heatsink for use in AM4/21 on front end of RC5/9
equipment AM4/21. DD 1979. DDMI 5.381(80).
R.F. Output Amplifier. 26dB amplifier to raise output of
CARFAX drive to a level suitable for driving the main
CH1/64B. Parent equipment TM4M/3. RD 1979.
Band 11 Amplifier Module 500W. This power amplifier module
is designed for use in transmitter systems up to 2kW per
service in Band 11. It is intended for assisted-air
cooling, and provides 500W C.W. minimum for 4W drive 88-
108MHz. Power requirements 28V d.c., l4A twice. DD 1980.
DDMI 5.410(82).
Band 11 Multiple Channel Amplifier. This amplifier houses
3 or 4 AM14/30A 100 watt modules each carrying a separate
service. The unit is 19" rack mounted and withdraws from
the bay on slides for ease of maintenance.
4 Service Amplifiers
3 Service Amplifiers
Power requirements 34-40V DC 4 x 5.5A max. Parent
equipment AM14/47 A-B. Sub-units AM14/30A, CHl/78A
or B. DD 1980.
Band 11 Multiple Channel Amplifier. The AM14/47A (B) is a
complete 19" bay containing 4 (3) identical amplifier
chains, each of which corresponds to a Band 11 channel.
The 4 (3) channel outputs are individually mounted using a
MN1/20 housed in the PA1/110C (D). Each channel requires
two feeds each of 7 watt max. Relative phase of 'A' feed
feed by 51
PSF1/4M cable.
requirements 190-260V AC 50Hz. 19" Bay. Sub-units AM14/46
A-B, PA1/110 C-D, PA9/22, PS2/260. DD 1980.
Band II Amplifier. Broadband Band II amplifier covering
the range 87.5MHz to 108MHz, producing 5-18W output power
for an input of 100mW. Self-contained switched-mode power
supplier. Designed for use in pairs to form a transmitter
output stage producing 20-32W. Mechanically similar to
AM14/31, but without EQ4/1. Power requirements 190-260V
a.c. 60V maximum. CHl/64D. Sub-units AM14/31 and PS4/5.
DD 1980.
Band 11 Amplifier. A transmitter output stage producing
20-32w output power from 2 broadband amplifiers in the
range 87.5 to 108MHz. RF input required is 2 x 100mW
nominal. Power requirements 190-260v AC. PN3/54. Sub-