AM040017 AM4/17
AM040018 AM4/18
AM040019 AM4/19
AM040020 AM4/20
AM040021 AM4/21
AM040022 AM4/22
AM040024 AM4/24
AM040025 AM4/25
centres. Power requirements 50 V 40 mA. DD 1978. DDMI
Output Amplifier. Takes in programme at -20 dB volume
unbalanced, raised its level by 10 dB or 20 dB, selectable
by "handbag" connector. Minimum load impedance 600 Q,
suitable for internal line sending up to 50 metres. This
unit is a mono version of the AM4/14. Power requirements
+36 V40 mA. Parent equipment AM16M/16 and RP2/10. DD
Time Distribution Amplifier. Buffer amplifier to provide
requirements 5 V d.c. CH1/64A. DD 1978.
Auxiliary Output Amplifier, mono version of the AM4/13.
Power requirements +36 V 50 mA. 2U unsupported card.
Parent equipment AM16M/16 and RP2/10. DD 1978
VHF Aerial Distribution Amplifier. Complete rack mounting
Aerial Distribution Amplifier intended for use at
rebroadcast sites. Comprises AM4/21 and two PS2/186B power
suppliers in 2U high rack PN3/55. Mains powered. DD 1979.
DDMI 5.381(80).
VHF Aerial Distribution Amplifier. Distribution amplifier
for feeding up to 8 receivers (in 2 sets of 4) for
rebroadcast use.
two AM14/43 amplifiers in
quadrature followed by a passive 8 way power splitter,
providing some 506 dB gain overall form input to any
output. The isolation between adjacent outputs is greater
than 20 dB and corresponding outputs in each group of 4 is
greater than 35 dB to present local oscillator interaction
in the receivers. The unit is housed in a diecast box and
requires separate power supplies for each amplifier of
18 V at 200 mA. Diecast box (STC X6R.C500.085.AOO) 222 mm
x 146 mm x 57 mm. Parent equipment AM4/20. DD 1979.
Half Minute Clock Drive Amplifier. Input 0.5Hz TT1
wave. Output to drive Gents half minute clock loop.
requirements 24V d.c. 220mA. 75mm x 130mm PCB.
equipment CA1/6. DD 1980.
PCM Distribution Amplifier. This unit is a 75Q wideband
(5kHz-50MHz) high level distribution amplifier with
selectable gain of OdB/21dB and nominal output level of 5V
peak to peak. It is intended for use in distributing high
level PCM digital bitstreams using codes such as HDB 3 etc.
Power requirements :!:18V 200ma. 4U card 140mm long. DD
1981. DDMI 6.390(82). DDHB 6.197(82). EDI 10448(1)
AUG 82. DDHB 6.197(82). EDI 10448 (1) AUG 82.
PCM Distribution Amplifier. This unit is a high input
impedance (>1 kQ) wideband (5 kHz - >10 MHz) high level
distribution Amplifier. It has selectable gain of
o dB/6 dB/21 dB and nominal output level of 5 V pk to pk.
It is intended for use in monitoring or distributing high