CD020521 CD2/521
CD020522 CD2L/522
CD020523 CD2/523
CD020524 CD2/524
CD020525 CD2M/525
CD020526 CD2M/526
remote control coder. Power requirements +5V, +12V. 3U
standard ISEP. DD 1977. DDMI 8.607(79).
525 Colour Coder. This unit provides a composite video
signal from RGB and switchable Y inputs. It is intended
for use on the 525 NTSC system and can provide a pedestal
if necessary. Power requirements 240V a.c. via XLR mains
plug. lU x 483mm chassis. Supersedes GE1/521B. DD 1978.
DDHB 9.160(81). DDMI 9.271(84). EDI 10387(1)MAY80.
PAL Coder. Codes RGB or RGBY signals to PAL. Contains a
Colour Bar Generator with IRS, 2nd white bar and 'VT Patch'
capability. The coder's luminance channel has the BBC
standard cross-colour reducing notch filter and a 6MHz
low-pass filter. Power requirements mains. CH1/64B and
Termination Panel. Supersedes CD2L/503 and GE1M/526.
8.368(80). EDI 10404(1)JULY81.
PAL Coder. The same as the standard version except that
the notch filter is omitted. Power requirements 240 Vac.
CH1/64B and Termination Panel. Supersedes CD2L/503,
GE1M/526. Sub-units CD2/523 & A. DD 1979.
PAL Coder. This is a modified CD2L/522. It accepts a
single YUV input and has no notch filter in its luminance
channel. Power requirements Mains. Special Terminations
Panel and CH1/64B. Sub-unit CD2/523B. DD 1981.
PAL Coder. This unit is the plug-in electronics module of
the CD2L/522 PAL Coder. Power requirements mains.
CH1/64B. Parent equipment CD2L/522. DD 1979. DDMI
8.625(80). DDHB 8.368(80). DDTM 8.382(82).
PAL Coder. This is the sub-unit of the CD2L/522B. Power
Requirements Mains. CH1/64B. Parent equipment CD2L/522B.
DD 1981.
Tone Decoder. This is an A size 4U unit with mains and
accepts Timing and Phase signals to produce the appropriate
tone according to the correction required. LED's on the
front panel will indicate the correction being sent. Power
Termination Panel PA20/527. DD 1982.
Used in the 68 Mbit/s transmission equipment to generate a
6-bit dpcm signal from a 10-bit sub-Nyquist sampled and
comb-filtered input. Uses three-dimensional prediction and
includes provision for dealing with field-interval signals
e.g. ICE or teletext. Complementary decoder is the
CD3M/541. Power requirements 240V a.c. at 74VA. PN3/54;
PN3A/53H and p.c.b. term panel. Parent equipment not known
yet. Sub-units CD3/526, UN26/566, UN26/567, UN14/542,
UN14/543 and others. DD 1982.
Quantiser and Coder. Used in the CD2M/525 DPCM coder to
generate the quantised difference between the actual sample
and predicted sample. Also codes the 10-bi t quantised
difference into 6-bit samples. Power requiremenmts +5 V at
0.5 A; -5 V at 2.2 A. BMM 4U Unsupported Card. Parent
equipment CD2M/525. DD 1982.