CD030539 CD3L/539
CD030540 CD3L/540
CD030541 CD3M/541
CD030542 CD3/542
CD030543 CD3L/543
CD030544 CD3/544
CD030545 CD3/545
CEEFAX Subtitle Display Decoder. To decode the digital o/p
of a subtitling inset into a television picture as
determined by the i/p data. The unit will accept colour
encoded composite video in and deliver RGB and sync to
drive a picture monitor. Also an o/p for B/W subtitles
that delivers encoded composite video. Power requirements
+5 V at lA and +12 V at 750 mA. Sub-units PS2/187H,
7.482(81). DDHB 7.293(81).
Ceefax Subtitle Display and Timecode Decoder. This unit is
for the preparation of subtitles in conjunction with the
Computer Automation LSl minicomputer. It decodes subtitle
input data and inserts boxed subtitles into its RGB and
encoded video outputs. It also provides parallel subtitle
data for the minicomputer as well as decoding timecode
input to parallel output for the minicomputer. There is
also a mixed syncs output. PN3A/53E. Sub-units UN23/670,
UN23/671, UN23/672, UN23/673, CD3/530, PS2/187D, PS2/187H.
DD 1981. DDHB 7.293(81).
DPCM Decoder. Used in the 68 Mbit/s transmission to gener-
a te a lO-bi t decoded signal from the 6-bi t DPCM signal
provided by CD2M/525.
Uses three-dimensional prediction
and includes provision for dealing with field-interval
signals e.g. ICE or Teletext. Power requirements 240V AC
at 75VA. PN3A/54; PN3A/53H and PCB term panel. Parent
equipment not yet known. Sub-units CD3/542, UN25/566,
UN26/567, UN13/542, UN14/543 and others. DD 1982.
Decoder. Used in the CD3M/541 DPCM decoder to decode the
incoming 6-bit samples into 10-bit quantised differences.
Power requirements +5V at O.6A, -5V at 0.5A. BMM 4U
Unsupported Card. Parent equipment CD3M/541. DD 1982.
Subtitle Display Decoder. This equipment is intended for
the monitoring and/or preparation of teletext subtitles.
It accepts video in, and V24 subtitle data in serial ASCII.
Boxed teletext subtitles are inserted into the RGB and
encoded video outputs.
A Mixed
output is also
provided. Power requirements 240V a.c. mains. PN3A/53C.
Sub-units UN26/46, UN26/572, UN27/507, PS2/187H. DD 1982.
Error Corrector Decoder. The uni t, in conjunc t ion wi th
unit CD3/545, decodes the Reed-Soloman (63, 59) code,
interleaved six ways. Input and data output are in the
form of 6-bi t words, with 11. 456HHz clock and a frame-
marker pulse. The uni t derives another 6-bi t output of
syndrome information from the input data. All input and
output data are at TTL levels. The unit forms part of 68
Mbi t/ s
demul t iplexing
CD4/ 50S.
requirements +5V at current to be advised. 4U solderwrap
CD4M/505. RD 1982.
Error Correc tor Decoder. The unit, in conjunction wi th
unit CD3/544, decodes the Reed-Soloman (63, 59) code,
interleaved six ways. Data input and output are in the
form of 6-bit words, with 11.456MHz clock and a frame-