CD030S46 CD3M/S46
CD030S47 CD3/S47
CD030S48 CD3/S48
CD030S49 CD3S/S49
CD030SS1 CD3/SS1
marker pulse, plus another 6-bit input of syndrome infor-
mation from unit CD3/S44. The output includes error status
information. All input and output data are at TTL levels.
The unit forms part of 68 Mbit/s demultiplexing equipment,
CD4M/SOS. Power requirements +SV at current to be advised.
4U solderwrap card with
width front panel.
equipment CD4M/SOS. RD 1982.
Digital PAL Decoder. This unit digitally decodes a
composite PAL signal and outputs digital Y, U and V signals
together with analogue R G B and sync signals (for
monitoring purposes). An output of the standard EBU
parallel digital video multiplexed signal is also
provided. The decoder separates the chrominance and
luminance information using field delay combing techniques.
The performance of this decoder is suitable for CMAC
recoding and Standards Conversion. Power requirements
240 V ac mains at 7S0 W approximately. 2 x PN3/S4. EDI
DDMI 1.290(86) Part I.
Pal Decoder. S-Pal decoder providing YRGB outputs at 1 V
standard level. Used in conjunction with OSl/S2S. Power
requirements +12 V, +S V, -S V, -12 V. 2U unsupported
card. Parent equipment MN6M/S13. DD 1984. HB 1.00S(86).
DPCM Decoder Processing Unit. Used in the production
version of the '68-PAL' vision decoder. Adds the predicted
signal to the difference input to produce the decoded
unsupported printed board. DD 1984.
V.LT.C. Reader. Reads vertical interval timecode, which
is converted to a serial E.B.U. Timecode waveform plus a
9600 baud serial output consisting of decoded time and user
bit data.
Power requirements
240 V,
30 W.
Panel: PA20/S36. MI 7.SS4(86). EDI 10S38(1) MAY 86. DDHB
7.338(86). DD 1984.
Datacast Decoder. This unit extracts a selected Datacast
service from a 1 V, 7S Q video input and decodes it to an
RS232 output stream for connection to another device. The
unit is set up through the RS232 interface. Power
requirements +S.O V, 200 mA; +12 V, 30 mA; -12 V, 30 mA.
Parent equipment RC1S/S1S. Sub-units UN3/79. DD(l) 1986.
HB V.1039(87). HB V.1040(87).
Sound-In-Vision Decoder.
modulated sound in the
pulse. It also remakes
and relays H.F. sound
mains. 1 U x 19" x 6 ".
The unit decodes the pulse with
video porch before the line sync
the conventional sync pulse train
carriers. Power requirements:
TCPD 1986.
Parallel Interface Decoder. This equipment generates
analogue YUV or RGB outputs from a bit-parallel word-serial
digital video input conforming to CCIR Rec. 6S6. The
equipment also produces a feed of analogue mixed syncs.
Power requirements 240 Vac. Termination Panel PA20/S42.