CD030553 CD3/553
CD040006 CD4M/6
CD040007 CD4/7
CD040008 CD4M/8
CD040010 CD4/10
CD040011 CD4/11
CD040012 CD4/12
CD040013 CD4M/13
CD040014 CD4/14
Sub-units C09/510At UN16/548t GE5S/517t AM23/521D. D & ED
(V) 1987.
Timecode Decoder. This unit comprises both a longitudinalt
and a vertical intervalt timecode decoder: it is intended
to interface with the UN26S/92 microcomputer. It forms
part of the VTR interface and edit controller of the
VANTAGE Editing System. Power requirements !12Vt +5V. 6U
Eurocard. Parent equipment PA1M/588t PA1M/589. D&ED (C)
6336kHz Bitstream Splitter. To convert parts of the PCM
6336kHz bitstream to either 3 x or 2 x 2048kHz at HDB 3.
Power requirements Mains. PN3/55. Sub-units PS2/194At
CD4/7. DD 1981. DDMI 6.407(83). DDHB 6.231(83).
6336kHz to 2048kHz Encoder. To convert parts of the PCM
6336 bitstream to either 3 x or 2 x 2048kHz at HDB 3.
6336kHz Bitstream Re-assembler. To divide the 8448kHz
bitstream at HDB 3. Either 3 x or 2 x 2048kHz are used
internally to re-assemble the 6336kHz Bitstream. Power
requirements Mains. PN3/54. Sub-units 2 x PS2/194At CD4/9t
4 x CD4/10t CD4/11. DD 1981. DDMI 6.401(83). DDHB
6.233(83). DDHB 6.233(83).
2112kHz to 2048kHz Converter. To convert an output from
the CD4/9 at 2112kHz to 2048kHz. Power requirements -12Vt
+12Vt +5V. 2U Unsupported PCB. CD3M/8. DD 1981. DDHB
2048kHz to 6336kHz Assembler. To convert either 3 x or 2 x
2048kHz bitstreams to a 6336kHz bitstream similar to the
output of a PCM coder type BA1/4. Power requirements -12Vt
+12V t +5V. CH1/65D. Parent equipment CD4M/8. Sub-unit
FL4/71. DD 1981. DDMI 6.397(83). DDHB 6.232(83).
8448 kbit/s NRZ Transcoder. The purpose of this unit is to
regenerate an 8448 kbit/s NRZ bitstream and to lock a
16.896MHz oscillator to provide an 8448kHz clock. It also
provides four outputs at 8448 kbit/s NRZ for the four
tributary cardst CD4/10. A further output at 8448 kbit/s
HDB3 is also available. Power requirements +12; -12Vt +5V.
CH1/65C. Supersedes CD4/9. Parent equipment CD4M/8. DD
1982. DDMI 6.398(83). DDHB 6.235(83). DDHB Issue 2 (86).
Telefunken MX80 to EBU Transcoder. The equipment consists
of a 4 U crate containing about five 4 U cards to convert
standard EBU serial data into a form the MX80 digital tape
recorder can use. This happens in the record and playback
directions. Power requirements 240 V ac. PN3/54. DD(3)
8448kbit/s HDB3 Transcoder. This unit is an addition to
the CD4/12 (8448kbit/s NRZ transcoder). It is only
required when the 8448kbit/s input signal to the CD4/12 is