CH010089 CH1/89
CH040001 CH4/1A,B
CH040002 CH4/2
CH040003 CH4/3
CH040004 CH4/4
CH040005 CH4/5
CH040006 CH4/6
CH040007 CH4/7
CH040008 CH4/8
SCPD (RSS) 1985.
lacing bar subframes
3 U card frame
4 U card frame
2 U card frame
6 U Digital Wire Wrap Chassis. Eurocard, double height,
triple depth, wire-wrap board, for prototyping digital
video. Contains soft-start circuit for +5 V and clock
receiver for ECL to TTL. Eurocard, double height, triple
depth. DD(8) 1985.
ISEP Extender Board(s). Printed circuit board's that act
as extender board for 3U high ISEP 254mm deep boards. 1
printed circuit board will extend an ISEP board with 1 plug
whilst the 2nd printed circuit board, bo 1ted to the 1st,
provides a double extender board. Monitor points are
provided on the printed circuit boards to enable quick
location of pin numbers on plugs. It also incorporates a
support assembly for the extended board. SCPD 1978.
Extender Board. Short extender, initial purpose to work on
option cards in GE6M/540. 53mm x 170mm. DD 1978. DDMI
Extender board for 3U x 254mm long ISEP using G07
connector. SCPD 1979.
Chassis Extender. 112-way extender card for use with NICAM
3 coder CD2M/17 and decoder CD3M/33. Fuses are fitted in
the three DC lines (+18v, +5v, -18v) and an LED displays
the status of the fault bus line. DD 1981.
4U BMM Extender. 4U BMM Chassis Extender for use
unsupported cards fitted with 112 x 0.1" pitched
plated board edge contacts. This extender has
following advantages compared to the CH1A/52.
1. Lower cost.
2. Higher current carrying capability.
3. More robust.
Supersedes CH1A/52. EDI 10487(1)FEB 84. DDMI 1.253(82).
EDI 10487(1)FEB 84. DD 1981.
UN10/47 Chassis Extender. An Extender, specifically for
the UN10/47 consists of a CH1/65B with the same plugs as
the UN10/47 with approx. 1 metre of cables to an Eddystone
box having the sockets to take the UN10/47. Power
requirements: the extender will have indicators to show
that mains are being carried to the unit. DD 1982.
96 Way Euro-connector Extender. First used for Outside
Broadcast communications in television. 3U high Eurocard
extender for 100mm x 220mm Eurocard modules using 96 way
connector. Disconnect and monitoring on each track.
Supersedes CH1/70. SCPD 1983.
Flexible Euro-connector Extender. First developed for
Outside Broadcast communications in television. This
extender permits 3U high Eurocard PCB units having 64 or 96