CH040009 CH4/9
CH040010 CH4/10
CH040011 CH4/11
CH040012 CH4/12
CH040013 CH4/13
CH040014 CH4/14
C0010010 C01/10
C0010011 C01/11
C0010012 C01/12
C0010013 C01/13
way Euro-connectors to be remotely serviced from racking by
up to 1 metre. Disconnect and monitor points are available
on each track. 100mm x 220mm Eurocard. SCPD 1983.
2U BMM Chassis Extender. 2U BMM chassis extender for use
with unsupported cards fitted with 44 x 0.1" pitched gold
CH1A/s6. DD 1983. DDMI 1.256(83). EDI 10487(1) FEB 84.
3U BMM Chassis Extender. 3U BMM chassis extender for use
with unsupported cards fitted with 80 x 0.1" pitch gold
edge contacts. Similar to CH4/s. Supersedes CH1A/s7. DD
1983. EDI 10487(1) FEB 84.
SU BMM Chassis Extender. SU BMM chassis extender for use
with unsupported cards fitted with 148 x 0.1" pitch gold
plated edge contactsd.
Similar to CH4/s.
CH1A/s8. DD 1983. DDMI 1.258(83). EDI 10487(1) FEB 84.
3 U Chassis Extender. This chassis extender plugs into the
frame PN3/s8 and enables the CH1/82 series of chassis
(except J) to be correctly connected and supported whilst
outside the frame. Power requirements 240 Vac. DD (4)
6U Chassis Extender. Chassis extender for 6U Digital Video
cards. Not general purpose due to connectors and dedicated
power tracks. DD(8) 1986.
Chassis Extender. Extender for CH1/86A chassis. Co-axial
links may be fitted as an optiont to extend co-axial lines
as well as the standard IS-way 'D' connector. Originally
drawn for the MD2/1 Radio Data Modulator. D&ED (A) 1987.
Serial to Parallel Converter. Unit converts incoming
serial Data to parallel form and outgoing parallel Data to
serial form. Also detects certain ASCIT characters used to
control exchange of data with Monitoring and Information
Centre visual display unit. Data rates incoming 110 Baudt
outgoing 977 Baud. 4u unsupported card with J size front
panel. DD 1977.
Control Signal Converter. Interfaces EAGLE to its control
panels. The master panel selects which of the other panels
has control. This card interfaces the serial communica-
tions between the selected panel and the I/O unit. It also
transmits the serial data to all panels to drive the lamps.
Power requirements sV. CH1/79. Parent equipment EPsM/s17.
DD 1982. DDHB 7.307(82).
Monitor Interface Converter.
CMOS to TTL and TTL to Relay
+sV. 4U unsupported card
equipment EP1M/31. DD 1982.
Contains converters for 12V
contacts. Power requirements
F/V Converter. This unit receives a 2 TONE inputt one
fixedt the other variable. The d.c. output is proportional
to the difference of the 2 tones. Power requirements +24V