C0010014 C01/14
C001001S C01M/1S
C0010016 C01/16
C0010017 C01S/17
C0010018 C01M/18
C0010019 C01M/19
C0010S09 C01/S09
col! S09A
or :tl2V.
4U unsupported PCB with PNl!29J front panel
Parent equipment TM1M/4, RC1M/28. DD 1982.
V/F Converter. This unit uses A/D converter to vary the
division ratio of a driver. The divider is added to a
fixed tone. The d.c. input is thereby converted into a 2-
tone output, one fixed and one proportional to the input.
Power requirements +SV, -SV and -12V. 4U unsupported PCB
with PN1/29J front panel assembly. Parent equip~ent
RC1M/28. DD 1982.
EBU to NICAM 3 Interface. Convertor taking two channels of
digital audio from the studio standard serial interface
sampling at 48 kHz. It provides parallel outputs sampled
at 32 kHz, with CCITT J17 pre-emphasis, suitable for
connection to a modified NICAM 3 coder. Power requirements
240 Vac. 4 U BMM full-width crate. Sub-units FUS/SS,
C010S/12, FUS/S6, OO23S/l70, PS4/l8A. DD(3) 1985. DDHB
Optical Fibre to RS422 Interface. This unit
desinged specifically for use with the O.B. Audio
(RAVEN). Power requirements 240 Vac. CHl/82B.
DDHB 6.286(86).
has been
DD 1984.
Transducer Interface. This programmable card carries most
of the electronics needed by consoles such as the DK4S/45
DIGITAL MIXER CONSOLE. It takes input from potentiometers
and swi tches, output to LED's or lamps and passes
information to the EQllSM/12 DIGITAL AUDIO PROCESSOR or
similar, via a serial link. It can also accept
requirements 0 V, +S V and :1:12 V from the DK4S/ 45. PCB:
4U BMM Unsupported Card. Chassis extender CH4/5. Parent
equipment DK4S/4S. D & ED(A) 1986.
EBU to Nicam Interface. Equipment to convert from EBU/AES
to NICAM 3 digital audio formats. It changes the sample
rate from 48 to 32kHz, provides CCITT J17 pre-emphasis and
limiting, and introduces the required inter-channel time
delay. Power requirements 240Vac. 2 x PN3/54. Sub-units
CD2M/17 (modified), CD4/l6, OO23S/l70, C010S/12, AM6S/3l
and others. Supersedes C01M/1S. D&ED (A) 1987.
32/48kHz Digital Audio Converter. This unit performs CCITT
J17 de-emphasis, lS.62S~sec time alignment, and 4:3 sample-
rate conversion on a 32kHz AES/EBU format stereo digital
audio signal, such as is provided by the COllS/8 'NICAM-EBU
Output Unit'. It produces a 48kHz simultaneously-sampled,
un-emphasised signal, also in the AES/EBU serial format.
Power requirements 240Vac. PN3/S4. D&ED (A) 1987.
Tarif Control Converter. Accepts control voltages from
TARIF control units UN1/627, PA6/Sl4 etc., or from TARIF
TWO control panels and produces control voltages for TARIF
TWO (EP6L/S09). Mains powered CH1/64A. DD 1976. DDMI
7.399(77). DDHB 7.232(77).
Tarif Control Converter.
gamma control added.
Similar to C01/S09 with master
For use with telecine channels