C0010510 C01/510
C0010511 C01/511
C0010512 C01/512
C0010513 C01L/513
C0010514 C01S/514
C0020019 C02/19B
C0020020 C02/20
C0020021 C02/21
equipped with colour grade or machine tarif. Master gamma
control functions only when input is from Tarif 1 control
panel. Power requirements 2l0V to 260V a.c. DD 1979.
Input Interface Unit which converts !60V-12V signals into
logic levels (12V). Part of EP1M/546. PN1/2 9J. TX 1977.
Output Interface which converts logic output (12V)
!12V-60V signals to drive transmitter indications
auxilliary outputs. Part of EP1M/546. TX 1977.
Contractor Interface which converts logic outputs to d.c.
contractor drive levels (up to 80V at 4A). Part of
EP1M/546. CH1/64A. TX 1977.
Tarif Control Converter.
converter, C01/509 together
for mounting in PN3/54. DD
Consists of Tarif control
with rear connector suitable
1977. DDMI7.400(77). DDMI
Digital YUV to RGB Matrix. This unit accepts digital
parallel Y, U and V data and converts them into digital
parallel RGB signals. Power requirements +5 V and -5 V.
4 U BMM unsupported card. DD 1985.
Frequency Converter. Frequency Converter 105MHz to final
frequency for use in Radio-Link Transmitter TM3M/8B.
Similar to C02/19A with dual frequency operation at e.g.
427.8125MHz and 446.5625MHz RF output. Power requirements
+10V d.c. PCB 250mm x 145mm. Parent equipment TM3M/8B.
DD 1983. DDMI5.435(84).
Frequency Converter. Frequency converter 105MHz to final
frequency for use in Radio link transmitter TM3M/8D.
Similar to C02/19A and C02/19B. Power requirements +10V
d.c. PCB 250 x 145mm. Parent equipment TM3M/8D. DD 1983.
DDMI 5.435(84).
Frequency Converter. Converts incoming RF signal from UHF
oscillator, multiplier, RF amplifier and mixer. Used in
RC4M/8. Printed circuit board approximately 100mm x l45mm,
fits across BMM chassis. DD 1977. DDMI 5.343(77).
Frequency converter, receive frequency to 10. 7MHz for use
in radio link receiver RC4M/8A identical to CO 2/20 but
with additional facility for switching between two local
oscillators to change receive frequency. Power requirement
!12V d.c. Printed card l45mm x 100mm. Sub unit OS2/49A.
DD 1978.
Frequency Converter. Recei ved frequency to 10. 7MHz IF.
Similar to C02/20A switching between two local oscillators
to receive frequencies e.g. 427.8125MHz and 446.5625MHz.
Power requirements !12v d.c. PCB 100mm x 145mm. Parent
equipment RC4M/8B. DD 1983. DDMI 5.431(83).
Band 11 VHF Frequency Converter. Crystal tuned to selected
input frequency (88-l08MHz) and converted to 10.7MHz
intermediate frequency. Orignal use as front end unit for
RC5/9 Band 11 Receiver. Power requirements +18v d.c. and _