C0020030 c02/30
C0020031 c02/31
C0020032 c02/32
C0020SS2 C02/SS2
C0020SS4 c02/SS4
C0020SS6 C02/SS6
C0020SS7 C02/SS7
C0020SS8 C02/SS8
C0040002 c04p/2
MHz is at a signal level of 1 V peak-peak (7SQ). Power
requirements +S V, :tl2 V. CHl/64A. Parent equipment
MD4SM/6. Chassis extender CH1A/43. RD 1987.
6.SS2 MHz Up-Converter. This converter is for use as part
of the Digital Stereo Sound with Terrestrial Television
The unit
incoming PSK-modulated,
6.SS2 MHz carrier signal, and mixes it with a local on-
board oscillator to frequency-shift the carrier signal to a
transmitter IF of either 32.348 MHz or 30.948 MHz. The
local oscillator can either be generated within the unit by
a crystal oscillator circuit at 38.9 MHz or 37.S MHz, or by
using an external signal generator. Band-pass filtering
removes the unwanted upper image and carrier components, to
leave a 30.948 MHz or 32.348 MHz output signal. All
signals are 1 V peak-peak (7S Q). Power requirements !12V.
CH1A/43. RD 1987.
TFM Receive Mixer. The unit accepts a TFM carrier between
7.SMHz and 70MHz, and provides a filtered output at
7.SMHz. Power requirements +SV, +12V. CHl/86K. Parent
equipment RC2L/S. D&ED (RF) 1987.
TFM Transmit Mixer. The unit accepts a 7.SMHz TFM carrier,
and produces a TFM carrier between lSMHz and 70MHz as
selected by internal switches. Power requirements +SV,
+12V. CHl/86K. Parent equipment TM2L/7. D&ED (RF) 1987.
Frequency Converter to derive PAL colour subcarrier from a
SMHz signal. CHl/64. DD 1975. DDMI1.19S. DDHB 1.129.
EDI 10292(1)DEC76.
UHF Converter. This unit has been designed to replace the
C02/S42 which now has many redundant components. It is a
direct replacement of this unit which is used in the
RCSM/s01 and RCSM/S02 Rebroadcast receivers. Includes the
AM14/SS6, UHF Amplifier. CH1!12. DD 1976. DDMI S.323.
SMHz/NTSC Frequency Converter. From an input of SMHz
(stable) frequency produces outputs of colour subcarrier
and twice line frequency for use in producing NTSC coded
sigals. Power requirements 230V AC. CHl/64A. Supersedes
GE1M/s30. DD 1983.
Sound Frequency Converter. Converts extracted sound
carrier at 34.7SMHz, to 6MHz inter carrier sound signal for
demodulation by DM3/sos. Power requirements !16V at 100mA.
Parent equipment RCS/S03. DD 1984.
Input Frequency Converter. Used in the RCSM/s03 in
conjunction with the OS3/S12 to convert an incoming band IV
or V signal to the IF of 40.7S MHz. Comprises a variable
gain amplifier followed by an image cancelling mixer and IF
amplification. Power requirements +16 V dc. CHl/86.PCB
108 x 60 nun. Parent equipment RCSM/s03. DD(S) 1985.
Timecode Off set Unit. Accepts EBU timecode over a wide
range of frame rates and adds or subtracts a fixe d time