C0040003 C04/3
C0040004 C04/4
C0040005 C04/5
C0040006 C04/6
C0040007 C04/7
C0040008 C04/8
from the time information in the code. A get of
thumbwheels on the unit defines the offset time. Power
Requirements: 240V a.c. 6 watts maximum. CS2/23C. Codes
of sub-units CD3/530, UN1/729 - 3 off CD2/517, PS2/18 7A.
Clock Unit deriving time and data from M.S.F. Rugby
transmissions. Facilities are also provided to give
stop watch and alarm clock facilities. Requires a 60kHz
receiver and L.C.D. display drive units for complete
lock used in Monitoring and Information Centres. Power
PAl M/101. DD 1978.
Address Converter. Derives store address for current part
for Monitoring
Centre VDU.
Power requirements +5V d.c. CH1/64J. Parent equipment
UN12M/5. DD 1978.
Store Address Unit. Derives store address from cursor
positioning for Monitoring and Information Centre VDU's.
Power requirements 5V d.c. CH1/64J. Parent equipment
UN12M/5. UN12M/6. DD 1978.
Input/Output Interface Unit. This unit is a general
purpose I/O interface for a Z80 microcomputer. It
provides three RS232 (V24) serial interfaces
(bi-directional) with baud rate selectable under software
control plus 24 bits of TTL compatible parallel I/O. Power
requirements +12V, +5V, -12V. 4U BMM unsupported card with
57 way double sided edge connector and PN1/29J panel. DD
1979. DDHB 2.461(82).
Converter Unit. MACS:- A box containing a UN23/33
processing unit programmed to perform Murray to ASCII code
conversion. Input if 7 1/2 unit code at 50 or 75 band, V28
or RS-232-C or 80-0-80V. Output is 11 unit code at 110 or
300 band, V28 or RS-232-C. Device control characters are
inserted before and after each message to 0 perate an Extel
Mini Floppy Disk. Two separate channels may be operated
simultaneously at different input speeds. Internally
generated test messages may be provided. Power
requirements 250V 3W approximately. Plastic box 2l0mm x
l20mm x 70mm. Sub-units UN26/33. DD 1980.
Sender I/O Interface 'A'. Decodes up address bus signals
to provide data output on relay contacts and data inputs
through opto-couplers. General purpose unit for the
selection of programme source, aerial array, audio
monitoring, clock display drive or frequency monitoring, in
the control of HF Senders. Power requirements +5V.
CH1/64J. DD 1980.
Sender I/O Interface A. As C04/8 but with the PCB drilled
so that data outputs A0 to A7 are normally open relay
contacts (they are normally closed on the C04/8). Power
requirements +5V. 4U unsupported card with J width front
panel. Parent equipment PA6M/114, PA6M/141. DD 1982.