C00400l9 C04/l9
C0040020 C04/20
C004002l C04/2l
C0040022 C04/22
C0040023 C04/23
C0040024 C04/24
C0040025 C04/25
C0040026 C04/26
Program Format Converter. This unit comprises the RD3M/2
5~" floppy disc drive crate and a modified PA6M/l08 Zelda
system. It converts data stored on discs written in the
BBC Microcomputer format into a high quality serial output
at 1200 baud for audio mastering of cassettes. Power
requirements 240V a.c. !10% at less than l20VA. Sub-units
RD3M/2, PA6M/l08 modified comprising COlO/2 modified,
C04/6, UN26/3l, UN27/l3 GE8/505, UN27/l (2 off), PS2/l87G,
PS4/9A (2 off). DD 1982.
Opto-Isolated Input Unit. Zeus microprocessor system
compatible card providing 32 opto-isolated inputs arranged
as 6 groups of 4 and 4 groups of 2. Each of the 10 groups
has a separate common return to allow interfacing to a wide
The polarity of
swi tch each input is determined by links on the card and
may be changed as desired. The card used a total of 8 port
addresses and can be configured to generate Z80 style mode
2 interrupts on changes of state on the inputs. Power
requirements +5V. 4U unsupported card with double sided 57
way edge connector and J width CHl/64 front panel. Parent
equipment Various (G.P. 'ZEUS' unit). DDHB 2.503(85). EDI
10533(1)SEPT 85. DDHB 2.503(85). EDI 10533(1)SEP 85. DD
Manual Control Panel Input. Connects revertive data from
TCPD units relating to sender control, aerial control and
alarms to Manual Control Panel Processor, COlO/lO. Power
requirements 5V. 4U Card l80mm Long. 4U Card l80mm Long.
DD 1984.
microprocessor and TCPD Sender Control logic, serial and
program switching equipment. Has 64 latched outputs with
Darlington drivers. Power requirements 5V. 4u card l80mm
long. DD 1984.
Synthesiser Interface Keyboard. Provides data
Synthesiser Interface for Manual Control.
requirements +5 V. 110 mm x 90 mm approx. double
Parent equipment PAl/130. DD 1984.
entry to
sided pcb
Synthesiser Interface I/O. Provides parallel input and
output for synthesiser interface processor (UN26/66 as per
manual control panel processor) to control UN2l/58 relay
and revertive unit. Power requirements +5 V. 4U card
180 mm long. Parent equipment PAl/130. DD 1984.
Serial I/O Unit. This is a unit in the Zeus range, similar
to the C04/6 but mechanically shorter; it will fit behind
the front panel of a UN26/3l CPU, and so is best suited for
applications where space is at a premium. The unit
provides 3 serial I/O channels, selectable to RS232 or
RS422 signal levels, and is programmable to baud rates up
to 9600. Power requirements + 5 V, 1 A; !12 V, 100 mA. 4U
BMM unsupported card, length 200 mm. DD 1985.
TTL/Econet Converter. Converts TTL signals to Econet.
Links provide selectable logic sense of Clock, Transmit and