C0040027 C04/27
C0040028 C04/28
C0040029 C04/29
C0040030 C04/30
C0040031 C04SM/31
C0040032 C04S/32
C0040033 C04/33
Receive data and hand shake signals.
+5 V. 4 U unsupported card. J width.
Power requirements
DD 1984.
Miscellaneous I/O Unit. A Zeus bus-compatible card which
provides Opto-Isolated Inputs, Relay outputs, a VART and
RS232 interface. An on-board crystal oscillator can be
locked to an external 1 MHz reference and is divided down
to produce 0.1 Hz non-maskable interrupts. Power
requirements +5 V; :!:12 V. 4 U unsupported card with J
width Front
Parent equipment MN8SM/5.
extender CH4/5. DD(2) 1985.
Dual HEX Converter. Converts hex inputs to 'one of twelve'
outputs on codes 1-12. Inputs are :!:7.S V, 12 V, outputs
:!:7.5 V CMOS. Also using the hex inputs, two sets of twelve
:!:7.S V CMOS inputs are multiplexed to two lamp drives.
Four balanced to unbalanced audio amplifiers are included
on the card.
Power requirements :!:lS V;
25 V unreg.
222 x 100 mm with D1N41012 96-way connector. SCPD 1985.
Digital Audio Bus Phase Converter. The unit allows the
selection of any two input phases to any two other output
phases of the D.D. digital audio multiphase bus (see D.D.
Tech. Mem. 3.291(84). The phase selection is by thumbwheel
switches. Power requirements +5 V. 4 U unsupported
printed board with 'A' width Front Panel. Chassis extender
CH4/5. DD (3) 1985.
M.S.F. Clock Decoder. Provides parallel TTL clock data to
Video Watermarking Generator GE7/S12 by decoding slow
M.S.F. Rugby clock data. Supplies power to the remote
receiver unit.
Power requirements:
240 V a.c.
Termination Panel: PA20/36. BBC Chassis Code: CH1/12B.
RD 1986.
Network Bridge. Interfaces the HF Transmitter Control
System (EP1S/42) data networks to either:-
a. The system fileserver
b. modem equipment, according to the sub-units fitted and
customising. Power requirements 24 V. PN3/54. Parent
equipment EP1S/42. Sub-units: PSS/9A. C010S/11, UN26/93.
D & ED (C) 1986.
Nicam/EBU Clock Converter. This uni t derives a master
synchronising signal from the Nicam 3 Coder system clock.
This is fed to all relevant equipment involved in the
digital continuity suite and allows completely synchronous
operation from external (digital) sources to the Nicam
coder. The output is a standard EBU/AES digital audio
bitstream generated from an internal 6.144 MHz clock, phase
locked to the incoming Nicam system clock, this being a
nominal 16.384 MHz at TTL levels. Power requirements 240 V
ac. 4U PCB in a 1U standard crate. D&ED (A) 1987.
Spool Number Converter. This equipment incorporates a
commercially-available bar-code reader, which converts the
output of a bar-code pen (used to scan bar-coded spool
numbers) in to ASCII characters. These are then fed, via