C0040S10 C04/S10
C0040S11 C04/S11
C0040S12 C04/S12
C0040S13 C04/S13
C0040S14 C04/S14
C0040S1S C04/S15
C0040516 C04/516
an R5232 output, to the microcomputer which forms part of
the VANTAGE VTR Interface. Power requirements !12V, +SV.
3U Eurocard. Parent equipment PA1M/S88. D&ED (C) 1987.
ICE Natlock Converter. Similar to C04/S07 but modified to
take thumbwheel switch to select Natlock Chan nel and two
additional L.E.D.'s. Power supply changed from PS2/119A to
PS2/120A. Power requirements 240v. CHI /46B. Equipment
superseded C04/S07. SCPD 1978.
Palantype Data Converter. Converts the output from a 'BBC'
Palantype keyboard to RS232 data suitable for input to a
computer for Palantype to English conversion. Power
requirements SV lA !l2V 200mA. Unsupported 4U BMM card.
DD 1979.
Digital Code Converter. This board converts 10 serial NRZ
data streams at TTL levels, into 10 serial Millar squared
encoded data streams at differential MECL levels. It
interfaces directly with the Ampex DM 331 disc drive unit.
Obtains data from the main encoder multiplex boards of the
data path circuits to the drive. Power requirements 2S0mA
at +SV 2.2A at -5v. 4U BMM unsupported board. Parent
equipment PA1M/S80. RD 1981.
Digital Code Converter. This board receives Miller squared
encoded data at 30MHz, in the form of differential MECL
pulses. From this it recovers a 30MHz data clock and uses
this to decode the Miller squared data back into NRZ form.
This data is then checked for line synchronisation words to
generate a line synchronisation pulse for control of other
systems. Finally the board contains a re-timing circuit to
synchronise the NRZ data stream to the system 15mHz clock.
Power requirements 1.4A at +5V, 2S0mA at -SV; SOmA at
equipment PA1M/S80. RD 1981.
Signalling Level Converter. The unit is designed to
function as a part of the RP3/S13 to enable non TTLK com-
patible digital inputs to be accepted, and non TTL outputs
to be generated. This enhances the interfacing of the
RP3/513 to Tarif equipment. A simple field sync detector
is also included for interface timing. Power requirements
+5V DC +12V DC. 305mm L x 8Smm W Single-sided, been
designed to fit into Intel iSBC 655 chassis. Parent
equipment RP3/513. DD 1982.
Decoder Insertion Signal Converter. Accepts 2Fsc 6-bit
data and reconstitutes insertion line data signals by un-
packing and re-quantising at 4Fsc. Power requirements +SV,
-SV. 4U unsupported card. Parent equipment CD3M/S41. DD
Coder Insertion Signal Converter. Accepts a 4Fsc digitised
video input and converts insertion data signals from
selected lines to 2Fsc 6-bit format by re-quantising and
card. Parent equipment CD2M/525. DD 1982.