COOS0019 COS/19
COOS0020 COS/20
COOS0021 COS/21
COOS0022 COS/22
COOS0023 COS/23
COOS0024 COS/24
COOS0026 COS/26
COOS0027 COS/27
COOS0028 COS/28
Line Voltage Converter. Unit to convert between differing
data line inteface standards. Input may be any voltage
between 4V and 80V (it is isolated to 1kV relative to unit
balanced or unbalanced;
output may be 3-0-3,
6-0-6 or 12-0-12 volts balanced or unblanced. Nominal
standards are 80-0-80 telegraph, RS232C, RS22C, RS423C,
V28, X11 and X12. At data rates up to 9600 baud. Power
requirements :1:1S Volts. Unsupported 3U card with J size
Front Panel. DD 1981.
Line Voltage Converter. Stand alone version of COS/19
mains powered. Power requirements 2S0V a.c. Diecast Box.
DD 1981.
Studer A800 Interface Unit. This unit is used in the Time
Code Synchronisers RD4L/S06 or RD4L/S07. It converts
signals from the Synchroniser to those suitable for driving
a Studer A800 machine. Power requirements +12, -12V from
Synchroniser. Parent equipment RD4L/S06 or RD4L/S07. DD
1982. DDHB 7.307(82). DDMI 7.S03(82).
Voltage Converter. This unit is a 4U BMM version of COS/S
which is imperial size, and caters for lS channels. Opto-
couplers are used to obtain isolation between the SOV
control system and TTL integrated circuits. Power
requirements +SV. 4U unsupported PCB with PN1!29J front
panel assembly. Parent equipment TM1M/4.
Synthesiser Interface Coupler. Takes a sample of RF from a.
looped through feed, amplifies and divides it by 10 for use
with the Synthesiser Interface Frequency Counter MN7 /2.
Power requirements +S V. Diecast Box,
111.1 mm x 60.3 x 32.6 mm. Parent equipment PAl/l30. DD
ADZE Line Drive Unit. Converts ADZE card serial terminal
ports to RS232 levels for use with serial terminals and
development systems. Power requirements +SV. 80 x 100 mm
PCB in Eddystone Box Size EDD30. DD 1984.
TTL to CMOS Converter. Converts TTL level outputs from
UN23/1S2 to C.M.O.S levels for interfacing to a Probel
matrix first used in EP1M/38A as part of EPS/S19 TK FPPA
mixer. Power requirements +S V, +12 V. CH1!79. Parent
equipment EP1M/38A. DD 1984.
Editrace Interface 11. Supplimentary interface for RD4/S09
to enable the control of both the EDIT and PLAY machine
trasports from a single control panel. Power requirements
S V, :1:12 V. Parent equipment RD4/S09. DD 1984.
Marconi B6127 Remote Control Interface. Remote control
interface unit for Marconi SOO kW HF transmitters, fitted
into the memory unit of the transmitter. Power
requirements +12 V. 272 x 108 mm. DD 1985.
Matrix Display Interface Unit. Accepts 24 V logic states
and converts these to suitable drives to L.E.D. displays.