C0050503 C05/503
C0050505 COS/50S
C0050506 C05/506
C0050507 C05/507
C0050508 C05/508
C0060511 C06/511
C0060512 C06/512
C0080004 C08/4A
C0080007 C08/7
Power requirements +5 V. PCB: 158 mm x 156 mm. Parent
equipment PA1/139. D & ED(C) 1986.
Editrace Interface Unit. The unit is used in the Editrace
equipment, RD4L/510. It converts logic levels and provides
some processing between the UN26/46 and the controlled
Ampex VPR2 machines. Power requirements +5 volts, +12
equipment RD4L/510. DD 1981. DDMI 7.498(82)
ECL to TTL Converter. The unit converts balanced digital
inputs of clock and data from ECL levels to TTL levels, and
latches the data with clocks. The COS/50S forms part of
the 68 Mbit Transmission System. Power requirements +5V,
-5V d.c. 4u 'J' width unit with 57-way double-sided edge
connector. DD 1982.
ANIMACE Interface Unit. Used in 'ANIMACE' (Animation
Control Equipment) RD4L/512. Converts signals from
microcomputer card to those suitable for driving the
controlled equipment. Parent equipment +12V, -12V, +5V.
4U BMM, unsupported card. Parent equipment RD4L/512. DD
1982. DDMI 7.514(84).
Studer Machine Interface Uni t. The unit is part of a
Timecode Synchroniser RD4L/511 and is used to interface
the Synchroniser to four Studer machines: A80, A800, B67,
A810. Power requirements +5V, +12V, -12V from
synchroniser. 4U unsupported card. Parent equipment
RD4L/511. DDMI 7.517(84). DD 1983.
RGB TTL to MECL Converter. To convert digi tal RGB and
syncs at TTL levels into RGB and syncs at balanced MECL
levels on EBU standard. Power requirements +5 V, -5 V.
4U unsupported card. Parent equipment CD3M/546. DD 1984.
SECAM-PAL Transcoder. Accepts signals on either SECAM or
Pal standards and produces a Pal coded output. Includes a
field store synchroniser to correct variations in SECAM
line frequency, and produce an output synchronous with
local reference pulses. Power requirements mains 230-260v
BMM mounted
in bay type FW2/4.
1.162(82). DD 1981.
PAL-PAL Transcoder. This equipment is a simplified version
of the Secam-PAL Transcoder C06/511.
input is a PAL
video signal and its output is a PAL video signal
synchronised to a reference pulse chain. Power
requirements mains. 3 PN3/54 + 2U Commercial PAL Decoder.
Sub-units C08/509, GE4/571, UN23/683, UN23/678, UN23/684,
GE7/506, UN26/556, C09/506, CD2/522B, PS4/11. EDI
10515 (1)FEB 85. DDHB 1.162(82). DD 1983.
Analogue to Digital Converter. Similar to C08/4 but
modified to enable unit to be used in PCM coder monitor.
Imhof 3CDX. Parent equipment BA1/4. DD 1979.
Analogue to Digital Converter. Selects anyone of 8
analogue inputs, using a 3-bit address code. The analogue