C0080008 C08/8
C0080009 C08/9
C0080010 C08/10
C0080011 C08/11
C0080012 C08/12
C0080013 C08/13
C0080014 C08/14
signal is converted to a 9-bit binary word which is held
in a temporary store. A 10-bit BCD input is recorded in
binary and can be loaded as an alternative input to the
store. The stored word is then transferred to an output
latching circuit that allows two 8-bit parallel outputs in
sequence, comprising the 9-bit word from the store, the 3-
bit address code, and 2 sequence-identifying bits. Power
requirements +5V, !12V. CH1/64J. DD 1979.
NICAM 3, l3-bit ADC. Audio analogue to digital converter
for use in NICAM 3 coders. Similar circuit to
C08/1 but modified for parallel output and NICAM 3 bus
interface. Power requirements +5V, +l8V, -l8V. CH1/64J.
Parent equipment CD2M/17. DD 1980. DDMI 2.468(83).
NICAM 3 Floating Point ADC. Audio analogue to digital
converter for use in NICAM 3 equipment. It converts an
analogue audio signal into a l6-bit PCM signal at a
sampling rate of 32kHz. Output is a l6-bit parallel word
in sign + magnitude form. Power requirements +5V 700mA,
CD2M/17. DDMI 6.363(83). DDHB 6.208(83). RD/DD 1980.
NICAM 3, Successing Approximate ADC. Audio analogue to
digital converter for use in NICAM 3 coders. Uses
commercial hybird modules. Power requirements +5V at
350mA, +l8V at lOOmA, -18V at 85mA. CH1/64J. Parent
equipment CD2M/17. DDHB 6.209(83). EDI 10506(1)JUL 85.
DDMI 6.364(80). DD 1980.
Analogue-to-Digital Converter. Converts a zero volume
audio signal to 8-bit A-law coded digital samples.
Sampling frequency is 16kHz, audio bandwidth 3.25kHz or
6.5kHz (selected by a logic input). The unit also gener-
ates master timing signals and row-address count for the
RD1M/1. Power requirements +5V, !18V. Unsupported BMM 4U
card. Parent equipment RD1M/1. DD 1982. DDMI 6.410(83).
Monitor Analogue-to-Digital Converter. Mul tiplexed (16)
input ADC unit for use in Transcoder Monitor. Some inputs
fitted with negative to positive inverters, some with
current sources for use with thermistor probes. Power
requirements +5V +12V -5V d.c. 4U unsupported card with
PN1/29J panel. Parent equipment EP1M/31. DD 1982.
Stereo 16-bit Analogue to Digital Converter. Studio
standards 16-bit audio analogue to digital converter
conforming to digital audio multiphase bus DDTM 3.291(84).
It converts two audio channels at sampling rates up to
48 kHz and outputs a two's-complement code. Power
requirements 5 V, 600 mA; !18 V, 150 mA. 4 U pcb. Chassis
extender CH4/5. DD(3) 1985.
LSI NICAM 3 Successive Approx. ADC. Accepts two audio
inputs (6 V peak corresponds to maximum coding range.) and
sync 32 kHz reference. Provides two 14-bit parallel data
outputs. Power requirements +5 V, 600 mA; +18 V, 80 mA
-18V, 110 mA. Unsupported BMM 4U card. DD 1984.