C009000S C09/S
C0090006 C09/6
C0090007 C09/7
C0090008 C09/8
C0090009 C09/9
C0090010 C09/10
C0090011 C09/11
C0090012 C09S/12
output data stream optionally allows codes 00 and FF (HEX)
to be either excluded from the conversion range or
programmed for non-linear transfer functions. An output
multiplexer is provided to enable use with an ancillary
multiplex/driver unit. Power requirements +12 V, 0.3A;
-12V, 0.3A; +SV, lA; S.2V, 1.2A. PN1/29J. DD 1985.
HB V .10S2 (87) .
Digital to Analogue Converter. 10 bit input. Output has a
bandpass filter centered on S26.SkHz. Power requirements
flSV, SV. CH1/64J. Parent equipment TM4M/3. DD 1978.
NICAM 3, l3-bit DAC. Audio digital to analogue converter
for use in NICAM 3 decoder. Similar circuit to C09/1 but
modified for parallel output and NICAM 3 bus interface.
Power requirements +SV at 420mA, +18V at lOOm A, -18V at
l3SmA. CH1/64J. Parent equipment CD3M/33. DD 1980.
NICAM 3, floating point ADC. Audio digital to analogue
converter for use in NICAM 3 equipment. The converter
accepts l6-bit PCM signals in parallel sign + magnitude
form, at a sampling rate of 32kHz. Output is a 10V p_p
analogue signal at low impedance. Power requirements +SV
600mA, +18V 60mA, -18V 100mA. CH1/64J. Parent equipment
CD3M/33. RD 1980.
NICAM 3 Successive Approximately, D.A.C. Audio digital to
analogue converter for use in NICAM 3 decoders. Uses
commercial hybrid modules.
Power requirements +SV at
l80mA, +18V at 70mA, -18V at 100mA. CH1/64J. Pare nt
equipment CD3M/33. DD 1980. DDHB 6.219(83).
Stereo 16-Bit Digital to Analogue Converter. Studio
standard 16-bit audio digital to analogue converter
conforming to digital audio multiphase bus DDTM 3.291(84).
It accepts a two's-complement code and outputs two analogue
channels at sampling rates of up to 48 kHz.
requirements S V, 400 mA; f18 V, 100 mA. 4 U pcb. Chassis
extender CH4/5. DD(3) 1985.
Stereo Digital to Analogue Converter. 16 bit stereo
digital/analogue converter accepting data from GE7S/16,
Digital Tone Generator providing two balanced line-driving
outputs and a head phone monitoring output. Used in
Sequence Generator.
requirements f15 V at 250 mA, 5 V at 100 mA. 3U printed
circuit board. Parent equipment GE1SM/20. DD 1984.
HDB3 to NRZ Converter. This uni t converts HDB3 coded
signals back to NRZ data. It is used in conjunction with a
Bit Error Rate Counter ME6/4 and HDB3 Test Generator GE4/18
to test digital links.
Power requirements 240 Vac.
Housed in Eddystone Box 188 x 120 x 81 mm. DD 1985.
DDTM 5.180(8S).
Audio Digital to Analogue Converter. This unit forms part
of the Digital Stereo Sound with Terrestrial Television
Decoder, but can also be used in other applications; for
such use, the input code can be binary, 2's complement or