Unsupported 4U card with '3' width front panel. DD 1981.
EDI 10402(1) AUG 8S. DDMI 1.260(84). DDHB 1.190(84).
C0090S08 C09M/S08
DAC and Post Filter.
The unit, which forms part of the Sub
Nyquist PAL distribution system, takes in 8-bit digital
words at emitter coupled logic levels, and converts them
into a standard level composite video waveform. Internally
8-bit samples at 2fsc are digitally comb filtered to give
an output sample stream to the DAC at 4fsc. A separate
unfiltered data path is incorporated to allow undistorted
transmission of field interval signals. Power
requirements 240 V a.c. at approx. ISO W. PN3/S4. Parent
equipment used in conjunction with other units of the 68
PAL System. Sub-units C09/S06, COS/SOS, FL1/S33 x 4,
PS4/18A x 2, UN14/S44, UN23/689, UN23/688, UN26/S84. DD
1982. DDHB 1.177(83).
C0090S09 C09/S09
YUV Video D.A.C.
Triple DAC unit for 8-bit digital YUV
data. Uses similar circuitry to the C09/S06, but with TTL
lvel inputs. Three 7S Q outputs from each channel. Full
filtering and sin x equalisation is included.
Power requirements +12 V at 3S0 mA +S V at SO mA - 12 V at
300 mA -S V at 400 mA. PN1/44. DD 1984. DDHB 8.420(84).
RGB Video D.A.C.
Identical to the C09/S09 except that
different types of low-pass filters are fitted which makes
it suitable for RGB 8-bit digital video signals. Power
requirements +12 V at 3S0 mA, +S V at SO mA, -12 V at
300 mA, -S V at 400 mA. PN1/44. Chassis extender CH4/S.
DD(8). 1985.
C0090S10 C09/S10&S10A Triple Video D.A.C. The C09/S10 is a triple DAC unit for
8-bit digital YUV data. The unit uses similar circuitry to
the C09/S09, but has an ECL balanced clock receiver and
additional circuitry to add shaped mixed syncs to the Y
output from a TTL level mixed syncs input. Three 7S Q
outputs are available from each channel which are filtered
together with sin x correction.
The C09/S10A is identical to the C09/S10 but has three wide
band filters making it suitable for RGB use. Power
Requirements +12 V; -12 V; +S V; -S V. PN1/44. Chassis
extender CH4/S. DD(l) 1985.
C0090S11 C09/S11
Triple Video D.A.C.
Triple Video D.A.C. provides lO-bit
D to A conversion of either YUV, YC, or RGB video data and
employs plug-in filters to accommodate narrow or wideband
channels as required. A plug-in matrix sub-board provides
for all signal conversion requirements with both pre-and
post-matrix signals being available as 7S Q outputs. The
unit also delivers mixed syncs (2 V p-p into 7S Q)
generated from a TTL level MS input, and can optionally
insert syncs into the Y or G output. Power requirements
i12 V, 600 mA; is V, 200 mA. Termination panel PA20/S40.
BBC Chassis 6-U card. Parent equipment EPSM/S24. D & ED(V)
C0090S12 C09/S12
Triple Video D.A.C.
clocked at 13.5 MHz
Three channel DAC. All
with 6.75 MHz filters.