C0090013 C09/13
C0090S04 C09/S04
C0090S0S C09/S0S
C0090S06 C09/S06
sign-magnitude, selectable by internal switches. Power
requirements +SV, !lSV. 4U unsupported p.c.b with PN1/29J
front panel. CH4/S. Parent equipment CD3SM/S4. RD 1987.
6 Channel NICAM 11. This board converts 6 pairs of digital
audio streams (in the Philips inter-chip CD format) to 18
electronically-balanced audio outputs (2 from each of the
streams designated 'A', and one from each stream designated
'B'). An audio comparator is fitted between the 'A' and
'B' outputs of each of the 6 channels, to provide a simple
check that the DAC card is working correctly. Power
requirements !18V, +SV. 6U triple depth Eurocard (28Omm).
Parent equipment CD3M/S8. Chassis extender CH4/13. D&ED
(A) 1987.
Digital to Analogue Converter. Digital to analogue
conversion of video signals, includes video low pass
filter and sign x/x equaliser. 3 video outputs IV p-p into
7SQ. Data input 8, 9 or 10 bits; Maximum sampling
frequency greater than 20MHz. Power requirements +12V,
200mA; -12V, SOOmA. 4U BMM unsupported card with 'A' width
front panel. Parent equipment C08/S06. SCPD 1979.
Digital to Analogue Converter. A video DAC that will
provide digital to analogue conversion of video signals,
3 analogue video outputs of 1 V p-p into 7S Q from a data
input of 8, 9 or 10 bits. The maximum sampling frequency
is greater than 20 MHz, the sampling frequency can be
varied by use of alternative L.P.Fs and SIN x/x
equialisers. The sampling frequency of the converters is:
12 MHz
14.78 MHz
8.87 MHz
13.S MHz
13.3 MHz
11.648 MHz
17.74 MHz
Power requirements +12 V 200 mA, -12 V SOO mA. 4 U
unsupported pcb with PN1/29J Front Panel. Chassis extender
CH4/S. RD 1986.
RGB Digital-to-Analogue Converter. The unit consists of
three totally separate and identical 8-bit Digital-to-
Analogue Converters: The unit is capable of conversion
rates in excess of 20MHz and is primarily intended for
decoding quantised RGB data in colour graphics equipment.
The data and clock inputs are to TTL circuits. A TTL level
video blanking input has been provided. There is no on-
card post filtering, however 7SQ impedance connections are
available for external filters together with 7SQ video
output stages. Front panel controls are provided to set
video gain and clock bias levels. Power requirements +12V
2SOmA approx. -12V, 12V 1.2A approx, +12V 300mA approx. 4U
unsupported BMM card fitted with a PN1/29J front panel. DD
1980. EDI 104S1(1)FEB82. DDMI 8.629(81).
Digital-to-Analogue Converter. This unit is very similar
to the C09 / S04. It differs from that unit in its power
input connections and in its provision for a balanced clock
input. It is not equipped with low pass filter or
(sin x) /x equaliser, though space is provided for these.
Power requirements +12V at 160mA; -12V at 4S0mA.