C010000l C010/l
C0100002 C010/2
C0100003 C010/3
C0100004 C010/4
C0100005 C010/5
C0100006 C010/6
C0100007 C010S/7
requirements: +5 V, +12 V, -5 V, -12 V.
equipment GE6SM/57l. D & ED (V) 1986.
Chassis code: 4 U
CH4/5. Parent
Time Selector Drive Converter. Converts time information
on 5 pairs into form to drive pinboard selection units.
External strap changes from 5 to 15 minutes advance. Power
requirements 5V d.c. 0.2A. CH1/64B. DD 1978.
Floppy Disk Interface Unit. This unit interfaces a Ca1comp
type 142 Flexible Diskette Drive to a Z80 microcomputer
bus. It utilises an LSI disk controller I.C. which
provides facilities for track selection and reading or
writing selected tracks or sectors, under program control.
sectoring format. Power requirements +12V, +5V, -12V. DD
1979. DDHB 2.469(82).
NICAM 3 Serial to Parallel Converter. The function of this
unit is to accept data from a demu1tip1exer and present it
to the NICAM3 bus under command of its UN27/l0B.
requirements 5V. CH1/64J. Parent equipment CD3M/33. DD
1980. DDMI 6.376(80). DDHB 6.215(83).
Seria1-to-Para11e1 Converter. This unit has two serial
inputs and two serial outputs, each nominally to RS422C
standard. Data from the inputs and for the outputs is
obtained from an 8-bit parallel data bus which conforms to
the BBC micro-processor standard.
One pair of serial
connections is nominally coded to HDLC at 2400 bits/second,
the other pair uses start-stop coding at 300 bits/second.
Also provided are sockets for up to l2K bytes of ROM and
three counter-timers. Power requirements 5V DC. CH1/64J.
DD 1981.
Seria1-to-Para11e1 Converter. The unit performs seria1-to-
parallel conversion at 50 baud rate. It detects the l6-bit
input as 2 x 8 bit-words. Error detection circuits
indicate bit error and signal breaks. For signal breaks
the output are cleared at zero. Power requirements +5V.
4U unsupported PCB with PN1/29J front panel assembly.
Parent equipment RC1M/28. DD 1982.
Minute Pulse Drive Converter. This provides decoded minute
time pulses which reset and trigger the oscillator of the
GE2/15 Tone Burst Generator. It accepts time information
on five pairs from the GFE7/6 clock system and outputs a
TTL complementary signal. Power requirements +5.0 volts at
1 SOmA. CH1/65B. DD 1983.
Data Converter. Provides two serial input-output ports at
variable signalling rates through 1ink-se1ectab1e line
drivers and receivers operating at voltage levels
conforming to RS422 or RS232 standards. Various message
protoco1s are se1ectab1e in software. The unit connects to
a ZEUS bus and services the serial input-output
requirements by interrupt control of message transfer to
and from the main processor. Power requirements :t5 V.
CH1/64J. Parent equipment EPIM/28, EPIM/29. DD 1983.