C010000S colO/S
C0100010 C010S/10
C0100011 C010S/11
C0100012 C010S/12
COll0001 COll/1
COll0002 COll/2
COll0003 COll/3
MXSO Serial to Parallel Converter. Converts serial data
from MX80 to parallel data bus on main crate. Power
requirements 5 V at 0.5 A. 4U unsupported card. Parent
equipment CD4M/13. DD 1983.
Manual Control Panel Serial Port. Converts serial to
parallel and parallel to serial data for use by the manual
control panel processor, UN26S/66. Power requirements 5 V.
4U Card 180 mm long. DD 1984.
Triple Serial Transceiver Unit. Provides for transmission
and reception of data serially between a host
microprocessor system and three remote locations
simultaneously. One channel operates at up to 38,400 Bd.
Operational modes are selected under software control by
the host microprocessor. Compatible with 'ZEUS'
microprocessor system. Data outputs conform to RS232 and
RS423 standards (selectable). Power requirements +5 V,
equipment EP1S/42, various (G.P. 'ZEUS' unit. DD 1984.
Triple Serial Transceiver Unit. The unit provides all of
the functions of, and is externally compatible with, the
C010S/11. The C010S/11A features a number of hardware and
software changes to improve performance. The unit provides
3 independent full-duplex serial channels (RS232, RS422,
RS423 selectable) for use by a host microprocessor system.
Each channel can work at between SO and 38400 baud,
synchronous or asynchronous. One channel supports signals
necessary for connection to a modem. The unit is
compatible with the Zeus microprocessor system. The
C010S/11 software (P3842) is not compatible with the
Power requirements +SV, :H2V.
4U unsupported
board with PN1!27J front panel. Chassis extender CH4/S.
Supersedes C010S/11. Parent equipment C04SM/31. D&ED (C)
EBU Serial to Parallel Converter. This card converts
serial coded EBU data to a parallel form suitable for the
bus sing
requirements 5 V at 2 amps max. Selection of phase on
system. 4U unsupported board. DD 1984. DDHB 3.324(85).
Switch State Converter. This unit is a 3U BMM logic card
for multiplexing the state of 48 switches and transmitting
the information down three data and four address busses to
an identical unit programmed to act as a demultiplexer.
Clock and address counter are on card. Power requirements
+6V, 0, -6V 30mA. 3U BMM. Parent equipment PA6/86. DD
NICAM 3 Parallel to Serial Converter. The function of this
unit is to accept data from the NICAM 3 bus in parallel
from and to put it out in an aerial form as timed by a
shift pulse stream. Power requirements SV at SSOmA. -18V
at 2mA. CH1/64J. Parent equipment CD2M/17. DD 1980.
DDMI 6.370(80). DDHB 6.214(83).
Parallel-to-Serial Converter. This unit converts 16 inputs
to serial output. To allow word identification, framing