C0110503 C011S/503
CS020024 CS2/24A-D
CS020025 CS2/25A-D
CS020026 CS2/26A-H
CS020027 CS2/27A-H
CS020028 CS2/28
CT010005 CTl/5
CT010006 CTl/6
CT010007 CT1/7
CT010008 CT1/8
serial bitstream. Power requirements +SV at lOOmV -SV at
1.5A. BMM unsupported card with 'A' width front panel.
Parent Equipment TM1M/504. DD 1982.
Digital Video Multiplexer. This unit produces a multiplexer
digital video output signal which conforms to EBU Tech 3246
from separate inputs of Y, CB and CR mu1tip1exed, and
TRS data streams.
also has
the facility to produce
colour bar test signals which can be remotely switched to
the output.
Power requirements -5.2 V and +5.0 V.
chassis: Unsupported 4U card with PN1/29J front panel.
Chassis Extender CH4/5. DD(l) 1986.
Carrying Cases which are 2U high versions of the CS2/23
slightly modified. They will carry modules of the CH1/65
series from 1-4 width according to suffix letter. DD 1977.
DDMI 1.241(79).
This series of carrying cases is designed for the CH1/64 or
similar 4U high chassis. They incorporate additional
mechanical protection over previous cases, and each comes
equipped with a rear bracket and a front cover for transit
purposes. DD 1978. DDMI 1.241(79).
Carrying case provides protection for equipment contained
in BMM standard chassis. 2U version in 8 sizes
corresponding to widths A-H. DD 1978.
Carrying case providing protection for equipment contained
in BMM standard chassis. 4U version in 8 sizes
corresponding to widths A-H. DD 1978.
Screened Case. To house Line Protection Unit FL4/84. Sub-
unit FL4/84. TCPD 1987.
Plinth Cabinet. This cabinet or plinth is intended for
support the RP2/10 at the normal operating level when
standing on the floor. It is made entirely of wood and
measures approximately 480mm wide x 640mm deep x 680 mm
high. DD 1979.
General Purpose Cabinet. Cabinet approximately 750 x 600 x
150mm with two internal partitions to divide the interior
into three sections. Complete with three blank panels.
Designed as a general purpose cabinet for power
distribution in Radio Outside Broadcast vehicles. SCPD
Technical Distribution Cabinet. Technical cables
distribution box housing 60 Krone IDC connection strips,
giving 540 signal pairs and 6 multiple earth terminations.
Fitted with noise-free earth busbar. Mounted in steel
cabinet 575 mm x 575 mm x 150 mm, with hinged door and
rubber membrane cable glands. (NOTE connection strips
supplied loose for on-site installation). Supersedes
BX3/6. SCPD 1985.
Equipment Cabinet.
Cassette Recorder
Housing for 2 Picture Monitors, Video