AM060017 AM6/17
AM060018 AM6/18
AM060019 AM6/19
AM060020 AM6/20
AM060021 AM6/21
AM060023 AM6/23
Limiting Amplifier. This unit comprising of two printed
circuit boards plus controls for front panel mounting is
designed to provide general purpose limiting and
compression characteristics when assembled on a chassis
appropriate to the desk in which it is used. DD 1976.
DDMI 3.638(77), 3.207(77), 3.202(77), 3.199(77). DDHB
3.200(77). DDTM 3.199(77). EDI 10304(P)MAR77.
Limiting Amplifer. As AM6/17 except (1) "Input gain"
changed to "Threshold" control; (2) "Output gain" changed
to "Gain make-up" control; (3) Compression mode threshold
reduced by 4 dB. AM6/17A becomes operationally similar to
commercial practice, AM6/17 remains similar to previous BBC
limiters. Power requirements same as AM6/17. Supersedes
AM6/17 in some cases. DD 1979.
Limiting Amplifier. This is a zero volume, overshoot free,
peak limiting amplifier. Designed to supersede the AM6/3A
and AM6/14 at medium wave transmitters. CH1/65B. DD 1977.
DDMI 3.643(78). DDHB 3.208(78). EDI 10302(2)JUL77.
Limiting Amplifier. As AM6/18 except the following
modifications for HF station use:- (1) "12dB Limiting" mode
becomes "16dB Limiting"; (2) Triple time constant changed
to double time constant; (3) RFI Improvement. Power
3.743(85). DDHB 3.310(85). DD 1979.
Limiting Amplifier. As AM6/18 but giving:
1. OdB, 2dB, 4dB and 8dB compression.
2. A fixed 2s recovery time in place of the 'complex'
recovery characteristic. Power requirements as AM6/18.
DDMI 3.743(85). DDHB 3.310(85). DD 1981.
Limiting Amplifier. This is an existing unit, AM6/18B with
an additional filter which can be remotely switched in or
out. Power requirements 250 V. 2U chassis B Width. DDMI
3.743(85). DDHB 3.310(85). DD 1984.
Limiting Amplifier. The equipment is identical to an
AM6/18B but with an additional filter that can be switched
in circuit to reduce audio bandwidth. Power requirements
240 V, 100 mA. 2U 'B' width chassis CH1/65B. DD 1984.
76kHz Limiting Amplifier. This unit accepts a IV p-p
stereo multiplex signal with a 76kHz subcarrier added at
-30dB with respect to IV p-p. The 76kHz signal is
filtered, amplified and limited to provide a 10V p-p square
output. It is intended to be used with the DM1/5
demodulator. CH1/63. DD 1977.
Variable Emphasis Limiting Amplifier. Modified form of
AM6/16 for use as audio processor for external
broadcasting. Used in EP1M/21. CH1!65C. DD 1977. DDMI
Limiting Amplifier. This unit includes a much simplified
version of the AM6/17 fitted in a triple width 2U chassis
to give a simple limit er , initially designed for Local
3.215(78). DDTM 3.216(78).
Variable Emphasis Limiting Amplifier. Provides flat Delay-
Line Limiting with Auto-Recovery time constant and optional