DM020003 DM2/3
DM020004 DM2/4
DM020512 DM2/512
DM020513 DM2S/513
DM020514 DM2/514
DM020515 DM2/515
DM030005 DM3/5
DM030006 DM3/6
AF Tone Detector Rejector. The unit accepts an audio
signal, it detects a tone and gives a C/O relay output, it
rejects the tone/tones and passes the audio out to line.
Tone may be added after the filter and the detector may be
arranged to detect the output tone. Power requirements 24V
or +12V -12V. CH1/65A. TCPD 1982.
AF Tone Detectors. The unit has an AF buffer stage
followed by two tone detectors with front panel indication
and rear connector changeover contacts. Power requirements
t12V or 24V at 80mA. CH1/65A. TCPD 1983.
Chrominance Demodulator. This unit forms part of the
ME3M/502 TV waveform analyser. It provides a demodulated
chrominance signal for the measurement of differential
gain. Power requirements +5V, +12V, -12V. BMM 4U card.Pa-
rent equipment ME3M/502. Sub-units FL4/590, FL2/566. DD
1981. DDMI 9.315(83).
Chrominance Demodulator. This unit digitally demodulates
PAL chrominance into its U and V components. It requires
digitised inputs of chrominance and subcarrier phase.
Intended for 13.5 MHz digital video operation. Power
requirements (approximate) +5 V, 2 A; -5 V, 0.1 A. 4 U
unsupported PCB, with 57-way double-sided edge connector.
Parent equipment CD3M/546. DD 1985.
Vision Demodulator. Used in the RC5M/503
40.75 MHz vision signal and to provide
lock OS3/512. Power requirements t18
Parent equipment RC5M/503. DD(5) 1985.
to demodulate the
40.75MHz carrier
V dc. CH1/86.
Vision Demodulator. Synchronous vision
operating on shaped I.F. with vision carrier
40.75 MHz. Power requirements t12 V +5
equipment DM1M/506. DD 1984.
frequency at
V. Parent
Tone Demodulator. This unit is part of the EP2M/8, audio
line signalling system. This unit accepts programme and
tones and separates these. The presence of an individual
tone is detected and this drives external logic to perform
a switching function. CH1/65C. DD. 1977. DDMI 6.319(78).
G.T.S. Tone Demdoulator. This unit is used to decode a
Greenwich Time Signal (G. T. S.) information that has been
transmitted 'above' a sound programme circuit. The
signalling consists of one tone that has been switc hed
with G.T.S. and at all other times is off. Another tone
spaced 200Hz away is used for monitoring the condition of
the transmission circuit for level or complete failure. To
convert from a DM3/5 to DM3/5A a board 3 has to be added.
The tone frequencies and programme bandwidth can be
altered by changing a filter (FL4/65A-L) contained in both
MD3/10 and MD3/10A. Power requirements +12V at 195mA, -12V
at l40mA, +5V at 400mA. CH1/65C. Parent equipment EP2M/8.
DD 1979. DDMI 6.354(80).
4-phase DPSK Demodulator. This unit is part of the EP2M/8,
Audio line signalling receive equipment. The unit accepts
a 4-phase DPSK modulated signal from the DM3/S.