DM030007 DM3/7A,B
DM030008 DM3/8
DM030009 DM3/9
DM030010 DM3/10
DMOI0007 DMl/7A & B
DM030S06 DM3/S06
DM040001 DM4/1
DM040002 DM4L/2
demodulates this signal and the resultant bitstream is used
to perform external switching functions.
CH1/6SC, 64-way
G06 back connector. DD 1977. DDMI 6.350 (80).
Frequency Demodulator for use in VHF Stereo Systems.
Demodulates 2nd IF output from AM21/4. 'A' version lMHz
IF. 'B' version 1.6MHz IF. CH1/26A. DD 1977.
FSK Demodulator. A 3-tone FSK
operate in conjunction with the
Fault reporters TMIM/l and TM1M/2.
DD 1977.
demodulator intended to
MD3/12 or signals from
+SV, -12V, OV. CH1/63.
FSK Demodulator. Circuit came as DM3/8 except for pin
outs. Tape master circuit of DM3/8. CH1/63 chassi s
transferred to PNl/29J. Power requirements +SV, -SV or -
l2V, CHl/64J. Parent equipment PA1M/I03. DD 1978. DDMI
2.443(80). DDHB 2.444(80).
FSK Demodulator. 150 baud FSK Demodulator for use with MIC
Dissemination Data. Power Requirements +5 V; -12 V. 4 U
Unsupported PCB with 'J' width Front Panel. Chassis
extender CH4/S. Parent equipment PAIM/I03 & PAIM/I04.
DD(2) 1986.
Phase Demodulator. A version: Derives SO Hz data and clock
pulses from a 23 kHz phase modulated sound subcarrier.
B version: Derives SO Hz data and clock pulses from a
19 kHz phase modulated sound subcarrier. Power
requirements +5 V, !12 V. 4 U unsupported board with front
panel. Chassis extender CH4/S. DD(2) 1986.
Sound Frequency Demodulator. Demodulates mono sound from
I.F. input of 34.75 MHz. Has auxiliary outputs of 6 MHz
for deviation meter, 6.55 MHz for digital sound and non-de-
emphasised sound for tone detectors. Power requirements
!12V +SV. Parent equipment DMIM/S06. DD 1984.
DPSK 75kHz Demodulator. This unit accepts a IV p-p stereo
multiplex signal with a 76kHz differential phase shift
keyed (by the data) subcarrier added at -30dB with
reference to IV p-p. The DPSK signal is demodulated using
a carrier recovery technique and serial data and clock
outputs are provided. Data rate options of SO, 110 and
160 band are covered by the use of different values of
resistor and a 3 way wire link. Power requirements +12V,
+SV, -12V d.c. PNl/29J 4U unsupported board. DD 1979.
DDMI 2.450(81).
Band 11 Phase Demodulator. For use with a pair of TM4M/S
drive equipments. The phase comparator senses the
difference in phase between the two halves of the output
transmitter and delivers a suitable correction voltage to
the TM4M/S to minimise any phase error. Power requirements
SOmA maximum (constant current feed internally regulated to
9V). CH1/64A and Termination Panel PN3A/S3A. DD 1979.
DDMI 5.382(80). EDI 10389(1)MAY80.