EP010024 EPl/24A
EP010025 EP1M/25
EP010026 EP1/26
EP010027 EP1SM/27
EP010028 EP1M/28
EP010029 EP1M/29
EP010030 EP1M/30
Control and Indication Panel for Band 11 Transmitters. The
system indicated the transmitter state in mimic diagram
form, generates alarms on fault conditions, provides an
output suitable for driving a TM1M/l, and controls the
transmitter drive selection. Power requirements mains.
Sub-units PA6M/97A, PA6M/97B and PA1/107. DD 1979.
Automatic Polarity Comparator Equipment. The function is
to compare automatically the polarity of two monophonic
audio signals which have travelled to the point at which
comparison is to be made, over different (true frequency)
from a common source.
Power requirements from
Stabilised Power Supplier PS2/l63. +25V, +12.5V. PN3/55.
Sub-units MNl/22, PS2/l63, and optional others UN14/12,
UN14/25. DD 1980.
Tape Control Equipment. Equipment provides comprehensive
repro and record facilities for up to 10 tape machines/
grams with full monitoring. Consists of: Monitor Panel
(to be coded PA6/119), Repro Select Panel (to be coded as
PA6/120), Record Select Panel (to be coded PA6/121),
Additional Record Select (panel to be coded PA6/122).
Power requirements 12 watts at 250V Monitor Panel PA6/119
only. Sub-units PA6/119, PA6/120, PA6/l21, PA6/l22. SCPD
(SSRU) 1981.
Software Development Equipment. Software development
system based on the Z80 ZEUS system. 32K RAM expandable to
48K; dual 8" floppy disk drives; 16K firmware including
disk operating system, Z80 assembler. editor. monitor;
80 x 24 memory-mapped VDU; RS232 and parallel I/O; single-
step and breakpoint facility; can support CP/M. Supplied
with picture monitor. keyboard. printer and 48K of system
utilities. Power requirements 240V ac mains. 2 x PN3/54.
Sub-units PA6M/108. RD3M/1.
DD 1981.
DDHB 2.464(82)
Part 1. DDHB 2.465(82) Part 2. EDI 10418 (1) SEPT 81.
DDHB 2.466(82). 2.467(82).
Masthead Control Terminal. Accepts 8-bit parallel binary
inputs which are processed to provide FSK tones to line in
serial form.
Accepts a similar serial input which is
converted to 8-bit parallel binary output. Power
requirements 240V AC. PN3/54. Sub-units CD3/35, UN26/20.
DM3/9, MD3/14. DD 1981. DDHB 2.464(82) part I, DDHB
2.465(82) Part 11.
Masthead Control Terminal. Accepts single bit binary
inputs from the Masthead Indication Equipment EP1M/30 and
processes these bits to provide an output to line of FSK
tones. Similarly accepts an input of FSK Tones which are
converted to 8-bit parallel binary outputs. Sections of
the unit receive a battery-maintained supply from the
Indication Equipment Power requirements 240V AC and +5V
DC. PN3/54. Sub-units UN21/49. CD3/41, C08/7, UN26/20,
CD3/42. DM3/9, MD3/14. DD 1981.
Masthead Indication Equipment. Provides Data Selection
from up to 256 inputs using address codes from the Masthead
Contains a battery-