EPOI0041 EPIM/41
EP010042 EP1S/42
EP010043 EP1/43
EP010044 EP1/44
EP010045 EP1M/45
EP010046 EP1M/46
EP010047 EP1M/47
EP010048 EP1M/48
A-B Roll Base Station. Zeus-type crate to be used on base
memory system for A-B Roll TK Programmable Mixer, designed
to interface with panel supervisor and RD3M/1. Power
requirements mains.
Sub-units C04/6,
UN26/31, UN27/1, UN27/24, (4 off) UN26/62, GE8/505,
UN23/130, UN26/59. PS4/18A. DD 1984.
H.F. Transmitter Control System. Basic Control System for
H.F. stations providing control, monitoring, ATE interface
and remote operation.
240 Vac,
+24 V de. PN3/54 and other 1 U and 4 U 19" panels. Sub-
units: AM4/26, AM4/530, MN8SM/5, MN8SM/6, PAlS/136,
PA6SM/159, RD3M/1. D & ED (C) 1986.
Studio Audio Pat tress. An assembly of three audio pattress
panels hinged on a steel box with bottom cable access.
First used G.P. Radio Studios. Power requirements -50V.
Box 580H x 280W x 125D.
Sub-units PA1/132, PA1/l33,
PA1/134. SCPD RSS 1984.
Studio Mains and Video Pattress. An assembly of three
pattress panels hinged on a steel box with top cable
access. Firs used G.P. Radio Studios. Power requirements
240 Vac. Sub-units PA9/27, PA9/28, PA1/581A-D or
PA1/582A-D. SCPD RSS 1984.
Control and Indication Equipment. Encodes commands from
pushbutton panels of Swains Lane to Crystal. Palace remote
control system prior to action by EP1M/28 Control
Terminal 1. Also provides display information to some of
the pushbutton panels. Power requirements +5 V at 1.25 A.
PN3/54. CD2/24 (11 off), CD2/27, CD3/30, CD3/31 (2 off),
CD3/32. DD 1984.
Control Terminal 1. Controls operation of associated push
button panels and on entry of a command communicates this
via a modem to a remote terminal via a 4-wire B. T. link.
Information returning from the remote terminal is also
handled and passed to the push button panel displays.
Power requirements 176-264 V ac 50 VA mas. PN3/54. Sub-
units PS4/18A, C010S/7, UN26/31, UN27/12, UN27/1, UN23/130,
CD3/35, 4xCD3/37, UN21/49, UN23/146. DD 1984.
Control Terminal 2. Receives information via a 4-wire B.T.
link from a push button control terminal. This information
is sent to the equipment to be controlled. Reverti ve
information from the controlled equipment is returned via
this terminal and onwards via the 4-wire B.T. link to the
push button control terminal display. Power requirements
176-264 V ac 50 VA max.
Sub-units PS4/18A,
PS2/267, 2 x C08/7, CD3/42, C010S/7, UN26/31, UN27/12,
UN27/1, UN23/130. DD 1984.
Revertive Input Equipment. Receives revertive information
from switched equipment and passes it onto an associated
control terminal for processing and onwards to a push
button control terminal display via a 4-wire B.T. link.
4 x CD2/25, UN23/146, UN12/22, UN23S/166. DD 1984.