EPOl0063 EPlL/63
EPOl05l6 EPlSM/5l6
EPOl0535 EPlM/535
EPOl0537 EPlM/537A
EPOl0540 EPl/540
EPOl0546 EPlM/546
EPOl0549 EPlM/549
EPOl0550 EPlM/550
Transmitter Inhibiting Equipment. This equipment allows
executive inhibition of VHF transmitters. It comprises a
4U high» 'Cl-width printed circuit board and two plug-in
sub-units, and requires a PN3/54 rack for mechanical
support. Sub-units, MNl/33, SEl/12. TCPD 1987.
Control Panel Supervisor. 19" 4U rack housing a Zeus-based
system for the monitoring and control of a suitable control
panel. The unit takes up to 96 switch inputs and 12 clock
to counters, with room for expansion.
serial I/O, RS422 parallel I/O and a VDU output are
provided. Designed for the TC5 Graphics Digital Combiner.
Power requirements: 240 Vac. Chassis code: PN3/54. Sub-
units 2 x UN23/l55, 2 x UN23/l56, 2 x 0023/153, UN26/3l»
2 x PS4/l8A, GE8/505, C04/6, UN26/58, UN26/89.
D & ED (V) 1986.
Video Digital Equipment» comprising 8 bit p.c.m. video
coder and decoder with ancillary units. RD 1975.
Video Digital Equipment. The equipment is an eight-bit PCM
video coder and decoder with ancillary units. The
equipment is identical to the EPlM/525. Apart from that
the digital signal outputs on new units will be through 25-
way cannon 'D'-type connectors. The 'A' suffix to the code
identifies the new units from the origi nal units and these
will retain outputs on 19-way Plessey 159 connectors. Sub-
units UN23/64l, C09/503, UN26/520 , PS2/l97» PS2/l48»
PS2/l44, UN26,524» GEl/590, GE4/557, OSl/522, UN9/599,
GE2/633, GE2/626, GE2/625, and C08/50 2. RD 1979.
VTR Editing Equipment (EDIMACE). This equipment is a
modified version of the EPlM/537 and includes an
addi tional rear panel socket» wired to give time display
information at the output. It is intended to be used with
the PA6/538. DD 1977. DDTM 7.226.
UHF low noise pre-amplifier similar to EPl/539 but giving
l5dB gain from an Avantek amplifier type UA44l. TCPD 1976.
Klystron Amplifier Solid State Control Equipment. This is
a general purpose design intended to replace obsolescent
relay equipment.
Contains COl/5l0, COl/5ll» COl/5l2,
UN23/644 and UN23/645. PN3/54. TX 1977.
Apology Caption Equipment. Contains two UN26/534
Processors which normally provide apology captions to the A
and B chains of a transmitter P.LE. Bay. lU chassis
size. The two UN26/534 cards are arranged side by side in
a horizontal position and are a slide fit from the rear.
DD 1977.
Telecine Control Equipment. The Telecine Control Rack is a
constituent part of the CINETRACE system. Telecine control
and Frame Combing functions are up-dated every frame.
Power requirements 240V AC, f18V unregulated, +8V
unregulated. PN3/58. Parent equipment RP3/5l4. Sub-units
AMI/59, GEl/60l, PS2/288, UN26/54. DD 1982.