EPOl055l EPl/55l
EP010552 EP1S/552
EP010553 EP1S/553
EP010554 EP1S/554
EP010555 EP1/555
EP010556 EP1M/556
EP010557 EP1/557
EP020007 EP2M/7
CEEFAX Subtitle Preparation Equipment. Equipment to
prepare subtitles for the CEEFAX service for the deaf and
hard of hearing. Titles are prepared using a QWERTY
keyboard and video monitor, video and sound being generated
from a VCR. The subtitle timing data and text are stored
on an 8" floppy disc. Power requirements 240V a.c. mains
5A. Sub-units DK5/50l, RD4L/5l3, PA1/127. DD 1982. DDMI
Real Time Subtitling Equipment. Enables ceefax subtitles
to be prepared for live TV programmes. Power requirements
240 V ac 5 A. DD 1983. MI C.1010(87).
Cinemascope Data Preparation Equipment. Equipment for the
preparation of data to define the position of a wide screen
film which will be displayed by a standard 4 x 3 TV format
during subsequent transmission.
Power requirements 240 V
ac, 500 W. Sub-units GE6/556. DD 1984. DDHB 7.336(86).
DDMI 7.545(86).
Cinemascope Replay Control Equipment. Equipment to provide
Telecine "patch" control during the transmission of Wide
Screen Films. Power requirements 240 V, ac 500 W. DD
1984. DDHB 7.336(86). MI 7.552(86).
Coded TARIF Processing Equipment. Provides conventional
'TARIF' colour correction of a PAL signal using a Decoder,
TARIF TWO (EP6L/509), and Coder (CD2L/522). An SPG
genlocked to incoming video provides all necessary
synchronising waveforms. All equipment is contained in
l3U of rack space and mounted on a mobile trolley. Power
requirements 240 Vac. l3U (4U and 3U Crates + 4 x lU
Crate + 2U Jackfield x full width. Sub-units EP6L/509,
CD2L/522, GE6/560. DD 1985.
Receiver & Video Distribution Equipment. A 4u Mainframe
with 2 CHIA/35A Chassis Adaptors containing 6 AM4/530 DA's,
each with a PA20/504B Termination Panel, and 2 RC1/23
60 kHz Rugby Receivers powered by 2 PS5/9 DC to DC
Convertor Power Suppliers. Used as part of H.F.
Transmitting Station Automation Equipment to distribute to
video displays, station status information and receive
Rugby time information. Power requirements 240 Vac, +24 V
AM4/530 (6 off), RC1/23 (2 off), PS5/9 (2 off),
PA20/504A (6 off), D & ED (C) 1986.
VANTAGE Editing Equipment. This is a fully comprehensive
VT edit control system. It comprises an Edit Panel
(PA6/l77), one or two Playback Panels (PA6/l78), an Edit
Controller rack (PA1M/589), a VTR Interface rack
(PA1M/588), and a PC-based Edit Decision Management System.
Power requirements 240Vac. Sub-units PAlMI 588, PAlMI 589,
PA6/l77, PA6/l78. D&ED (C) 1987.
Audio Line Signalling Equipment, Send. This equipment is
used to provide signalling information 'above' sound
programme circuits. This signalling consists of two tones
spaced 200Hz apart in the band 6-l6kHz. For ex ample, the