Sub-units RD4S/21, PA6S/164.
EDI 10503(1)FEB 85.
DD 1984.
EP050028 EP5L/28
Studio Control Equipment.
This equipment provides for
remote EBU control of certain VTR facilities and control of
VTR status indication. It forms part of the Record Bank
Project. Power requirements 240 Vac. PN3/54. DD 1984.
EP050029 EP5/29A & B Headphone Protector. This unit limits the sound level from
a pair of mono headphones. The EP5/29A incorporates the
thick-film hybrid circuit of the EP5/25B and the EP5/29B
incorporates the circuit from the EP5/24B. Thus the
EP5/29A is for phones (600 Q impedance and the EP5/29B is
for phones )600 Q impedance.
The case is physically
smaller than the EP5/24 or EP5/25. It is for in-line
mounting only. DD(3) 1986.
EP050515 EP5L/515
Burst Phase Comparison Equipment.
Compares phase of burst
qn reference input with that on video input and produces
Natlock control signals and phased signal.
Six input
Power requirements mains.
Supersedes EP5L/510.
DD 1981.
DDMI 1.251(81).
1.160(81). EDI 10416(1) AUG 81.
EP050516 EP5L/516
Sequential Sync Monitor.
Up to 16 video sources are
sequentially scanned and the following measurements are
1. Signal absent or present
2. Colour or Monochrome
3. Picture timing
4. If colour, four-field timing
Power requirements 240 V, 25 W. 3/8 of PN3/54. Sub-units
GE2/641 and UN26/559. DD 1981. EDI 10472 (1) JUN 83.
EP050518 EP5M/518 Wipe Pattern and Black Edge Equipment. The equipment
provides 15 selectable wipe patterns and a moving box wipe
with variable size and ratio. The equipment also contains
units to provide black edge video waveforms, the type was
first used in the TK A-D Roll Programmable Mixer. Power
requirements mains. PN3/54 4u BMM crate. Sub-units 2 x
GE1/595, UN26/546, UN26/588, UN26/589, 2 x UN14/531,
UN26/521, 2 x PS4/9A, PS4/9B. DD 1983. DDHB 8.390(83).
EP050519 EP5/519
A-B Roll TK Programmable Mixer Equipment.
Film Post
Production Area Programmable Mixing Equipment. Vision
Mixer with event memory for Telecine A-B roll processing.
Uses commercial units for Vision Matrix and Colour
Synthesis. Main memory system based on ZEUS units. Vision
mixing using MX5M/504. Visiual effects, Wipes/Black Edge
etc. using EP5M/518. Power requirements mains. PN3/54.
Sub-units EP1M/35, EP1M/38, RD3M/1, MX5M/504, EP5M/518.
DD 1983. DDHB 8.418(84). DDHB 8.430(85)Part 1. DDHB
10509(1)MAY 85.
EP050520 EP5/520
Effects Workshop Equipment.
Vision Mixing Equipment with
event memory for use in Video Effects Workshop. Main
memory system using ZEUS units in EP1M/35 and EPIM/39.
Vision Mixing using MX5M/504.
Uses commercial Vision