EP050528 EP5M/528
EP050529 EP5M/529
EP060509 EP6L/509
EP080006 EP8/6
EP080007 EP8M/7
EP080008 EP8M/8
EP100018 EP10/18
EP100019 EP10/19
are available. This equipment is used for Sports Graphics
in studio TCS. Power requirements: is V, i12 V. Chassis
dimensions: Approx. 10 U of bay mounted racks. Sub-units
EPSM/S2S, EPSM/S26. D & ED (V) 1986. HB V.1060(87).
Mixer Digital Processing. This rack of equipment
the digital processing modules for the News
Mixer. Power requirements iSV, !12V. 6U 19"
Sub-units UN26S/87, UN23/181, UN26/73, UN26/74,
GE7/18, GE7/19, MXS/S08, UN26/95, UN26/76, C09/S11,
Parent equipment EPSM/S29. D & ED (V) 1987.
Graphics Digital Mixer. This mixer is designed to be used
in the TV News Graphics area.
It contains two mixer-
effects systems, each of which offers full fade, mix, wipe
and key facilities. Each sub-system can take an input from
the other. The complete mixer requires 18U height in a 19"
bay. Power requirements 240Vac. Sub-units EPSM/S2S,
EPSM/528, PS4/49, PA6/170, PA6/171. D & ED (V) 1987.
"TARIF TWO". Telecine Processing Equipment. Provides
variable lift, gain and black crush/stretch in RGB
channels, also variable desaturation. Contains sub-units
UN26/S26, UN26/S29, UN26/530, GE2/62S, PS2/187G, an d back-
wiring panel, occupies "c" width of PN3/S4. DD 1977. DDMI
7.394(77). DDHB 7.231(77). EDI 10332(2)MAR78.
Studio Communications Equipment. Miniature UHF
receiver/transmitter used in television studios to provide
simultaneous two way communication between floor and
gallery. Portable case approximately lS0mm x 100mm. DD
1976. DDMI 5.337(77). DDHB 5.120(77). EDI
10308(1 )DEC 77.
Studio Communication Equipment. As EP8/6 but with new
input/output connectors, enlarged case to accommodate these
and update of components where original obsolescent.
Electrical performance unchanged. Power requirements 9 V
(PP3 Battery). Similar to EP8/6 P.C.B. Supersedes EP8/6.
ED 1983.
Studio Communication Equipment. Bay mounting panel
containing two TM2/3 transmitters, two RC2/3 receivers and
power supplier. Used in television studio for talkback and
lighting communications. DD 1976. DDMI 5.339 (77). DDHB
5.120(77). EDI 10309(1)DEC77.
Studio Communication Equipment. Similar to EP8M/7 but with
only one TM2/3, one RC2/3 and power supplier. DD 1976.
DDMI 5.339(77). DDHB 5.120(77). EDI 10309(1)DEC77.
Radio Continuity Suite includes DK2/24 Radio Continuity
Cubicle Control Desk, DK4/31 Radio Continuity Studio
Control Desk and Radio Continuity Announce Booth. DD 1978.
London Continuity Suite. To provide continuity of
broadcast in a Radio network. Comprised of Studio Desk,
Cubicle Desk and associated apparatus bay. Similar to
EP10/18 - Regional Continuity Suite. Power requirements
240V AC. DD 1981.