UN120s10 UN12/s10
UN120s11 UN12M/s11
UN120s12 UN12/s12
UN120s13 UN12M/s13
UN130s10 UN13/s10
UN130s36 UN13/s36
UN140012 UN14/12
UN140013 UN14/13
configuration. Intended as a low current replacement for
the TEC MDA6l07 module and the UN12/s08 Display Unit. DD
1976. DDMI 7.383.
Remote Display Unit for use with the ME1!S18 Video/Sync
timing meter. The unit contains a mains power supply and
derives its display data via a multiway cable terminating
in a Vare1co connector on the printed circuit board. DD
1977 .
Time Comparator. Accepts two timecode inputs A and Band
displays one of three times:- Time A; Time B; Difference
time A-B; in Hours, Minutes Seconds and Frames. Self-
contained desk top console type box with power supply.
7.404(78). DDHB 7.238(77). EDI 10333(1)MAR7 3.
Caption Display Unit. This unit is for use with GE8M/s04
Vidiprint Caption Generator. Mixed syncs are generated
internally onto which the Caption from the UN3/6s is
inserted. The Caption may then be displayed on a monitor
in the form of "Blackened Syncs". When used in the
GE8M/s04 the UN26/s34 which is normally fitted will not be
necessary. Power requirements +sV DC. CH1/64J. Parent
equipment GE8M/s04. DD 1980.
Visual Display Unit. Monitoring and Information Centre
VDU. Accepts data from MIC processor to display. Local
alphanumeric keyboard also enters data to display which may
then be sent, via the processor, to a printer or ADX
network at 110 baud. Display is added to standard video
showing on standard 625 line Picture Monitors. Power
requirements +sV DC at 9A, :!:12V DC at 200mA. PN3/s4.
Supersedes UN12M/s. Sub-units UN12/10, GE7/s, GE8/3,
UN27/12 x 4, SEs/ll, UN27/1, UN26/31, UN26/44, UN23/130,
UN26/4s. DD 1981.
Overvoltage Clamp. Presettable over voltage clamp for
addition to output of Power Supplies. Adjustabl e clamp
voltage 37V to 43V. Maximum current 2A. Also includes 3
LED power on isolators. l2smm x 9smm x 30mm printed
circuit board, and ALUM. Bracket and Flying Lead. DD
Sync Separator Unit. This unit forms part of the Teletext
Decoding Margin Meter ME1sM/s02. Power requirements +12V,
-12V, +sV. CHl/6sA. DD 1978. DDMI 9.234(78), 9.249(79).
Audio Delay Unit. This unit will delay an audio signal by
a preset time between 1.smS and smS in 20~s steps. Power
requirements +24V d.c. CH1/6sC. Parent equipment EPIM/23.
DD 1978. DDMI 6.332(78).
Pre-settable Delay Unit. Input on and off trigger pulses
are delayed in one minute steps up to 15 minutes, and
combines with one minute pulses delayed in 5 second steps
to control and input relay. Power requirements SV at
100mA d.c. CH1/64A. DD 1978.