PA080381 PA8/381A
PA080410 PA8/410
PA080412 PA8/412
PA080413 PA8/413
PA080523 PA8/523
PA090016 PA9/16A
PA090019 PA9/19C,D
PA090020 PA9/20
PA090021 PA9/21
PA090022 PA9/22
PPM and Switching Desk Panel. Provides similar functions
to PA8/381, but with stereo PPMs and increased
communications facilities. All other details as PA8/38l.
SCPD 1979.
Desk Panel for Channel Facilities for single mono channel.
Provides microphone amplifier with 5dB stepped gain
control, RSA (AM1/4 incorporated into panel) PA, FB, Echo
outputs, 2-group switching. Designed for Local Radio Mk.3A
installations. Module 39mm x 338mm x 230mm with Varicon
connectors. SCPD 1977.
Panel, desk, channel facilities. As PA8/410 but with pan
control for single-group stereo working. SCPD 1977.
PCM Monitoring Selector Panel. This is the control panel
for the PCM Coder Monitor Equipment and is fitted remotely
at the S.B. desk in London Control Room. It supersedes the
305mm x 124mm Desk Panel.
DD 1977.
Insert Jackfield Panel. This unit is designed as part of
the DK4/19 to permit equipment, external to the desk, to be
inserted into channel 1 and channel 2 by either the single
or double jack method. CH1/72A. DD 1977. DDHB 3.271(81).
Studio Timer Desk Panel used
logging. Comprises timecode
stopwatches. DD 1977.
for Television production
reader and two digital
Distribution and Switching Panel used on AM14/26, AM14/26A
and AM14/27 for distribution, isolation, and switching of
mains supply. 24v solid-state version of PA9/16. Power
requirements 240V 50Hz mains. 483mm x 133mm panel wi th
152mm rear cover. Superseded by PA9/16B. TCPD 1978.
Distribution and Switching Panel. Used on AM14/26A for
distribution, isolation and switching of mains supply.
PA9/16A modified to include recommended mains socket and
remove redundant switch fuse. Power requirements 240V 50Hz
mains. 483mm x 133mm panel with 152mm rear cover. TCPD
BBM Version of PA9/19A and PA9/19B. 'c' type for mains
distribution 8 x 3A plugs and sockets, neons and fuses.
'D' type as 'c' but inverted. SCPD 1977.
Mains Distribution Panel used on BA13/514. 483mm x 133mm
panel for bay mounting, with six 13A mains sockets
connected in two paralleled groups of three. DD 1973.
DDMI 5.279.
Mains Distribution Panel. 2-240V a.c. supplies, each being
distributed to 4 outlets. Each outlet is via an XLR mains
plug and protected by a thermal-magnetic cutout rated at
3A. Provision is made for signalling the condition of the
circuit breakers via an 11 way P.O. 202 plug. lU high
panel. DD 1978.
Mains Distribution Panel. Part of the Band 11 equipment.
Used for distribution and isolation of mains supply. Power