PA090031 PA9/31
PA090032 PA9/32
PA090054 PA9/54
PA100001 PA10/1
PAll0019 PAll/19
PA110502 PA11/502A
PA190014 PA19/14
PA200009 PA20/9
PA200011 PA20/11
PA200013 PA20/13A-D
240 Vac. Based on a 1U panel compatible with BMM System.
ED 1984.
24 V Distribution Panel.
circuit breakers from 'A'
requirements +24 Vd. c.
panel. DD(2) 1986.
8 - 24 V d.c. supplies via
& 'B' 24 V d.c. inputs. Power
BBC chassis code 2 U High 19"
50 V AC/DC Distribution Panel. 8 - 50 V supplies via 2 A
fuses with supply indicating LED's. All supplied from 1
LED-indicated 50 V input. Power requirements 50 V ac/dc.
Chassis: 1 U 19" bay-mounted case. DD(2) 1986.
Power Distribution and Monitoring Panel. This is a general
purpose panel, which houses an interface printed circuit
board, d.c. distribution sockets, monitoring socket and fan
tray connections. Specifically for use on AM14/51C. Power
requirements 2 x 26V, 4 x 50V DC. 4U 19" Rack Mounted
Hinged. Parent equipment AM14/51C. DD 1982.
Alarm Fuse Panel similar to and replacing FR/7 but with
cover over exposed
Indicator Panel. Part of VHF Radio Control and Indication
Panel PA6M/70, assembly of lamps and switches laid out as a
mimic diagram of a transmitter installation. Panel 178mm x
425mm attached to modified BMM frame by hinges. DD 1977.
Source Phase Indicator Panel.
manual control facility added.
Similar to PA11/502 except
SCPD 1977.
Television Studio EMX Telephone Panel providing
interconnection between 5 local extensions, three
distributions and 14 external control lines. Contains the
ringing detectors and line units for all the studio control
lines. Occupies panel space 222mm x 483mm. SCPD 1977.
Termination Panel used on BA1/5 to provide input and output
connections. Dished panel 483 mm x 343 mm, with 15 12 way
blocks. DD 1972. OBSOLESCENT.
Termination Panel for a PS2/163 power supplier. It
comprises an AP1/14B printed wiring card equipped with
mains and output connectors and lacing bar. A bracket
mounts an XLR LNE connector and wiring cover. DD 1977.
Termination Panel for RC1/12, RC1/12A, RC1/17 and RC3/15
receives. 'A' version single low impedance audio outputs
at +5dB into 5kQ at 75kHz deviation; 'B' version single low
impedance audio outputs at +10.8dB into 600Q at 75kHz
deviation; 'c' version 600Q twin left and right audio
outputs; 'D' version single low impedance left and right
audio outputs. Power requirements mains or d.c. PN3A/79.
PA20/13D superseded by PA20/19A. DD 1978.