PA200047 PA20/47
PA200048 PA20/48
PA200049 PA20/49
PA200050 PA20/50
PA200051 PA20/51
PA200052 PA20/52
PA200053 PA20/53
PA200054 PA20/54
PA200055 PA20/55
PA200056 PA20/56A-D
PA200057 PA20/57
PA200058 PA20/58
UN26S/87 Termination Panel. Rear connection panel for CPU
module, UN26/87. PCB: Non-Standard 6 U. Parent equipment
UN26S/87. D & ED(V) 1986.
Termination Panel. Rear Interconnection Panel for Digital
Key Filter FL4/85. Chassis non-standard 6 U PCB.
D & ED(V) 1986.
Termination Panel. To interface a 60 kHz Standard
Frequency Receiver RC1/23, a Clock Buffer Unit UN26/94 and
a Switched Mode Power Supplier PS4/18. For use with Radio
Data equipment on Local Radio VHF Transmitters. Power
requirements 240 V a.c. Chassis PN3A/53B. Sub-units
RC1/23, PS4/18, UN26/94. TCPD 1986.
Termination Panel. To interface 60 kHz Rugby MSF Receiver
RC1/23, UN26/94 and PS2/163 with external connections. i.e.
mains, serial input, data outputs and control outputs.
Power requirements 240Vac. PN3A/57. TCPD 1987.
Termination Panel. 4U BMM termination panel for use with
MN1/32 Phase Error Monitor. Power requirements 240Vac.
Chassis 4U. Parent equipment MN1/32. D & ED (Support
Lab.) 1987.
Termination Panel for UN26/95. Rear interconnection panel
for Error Feedback Unit UN26/95. 6U pcb (non-standard).
D & ED (V) 1987.
Termination Panel. Used with the OS2/53, the panel mounts
on the rear of a 4U BMM crate, PN3/54. Power requirements
240Vac. PN3A/53A. TCPD 1987.
Termination Panel. Used with the
mounts on the rear of a 4U BMM crate.
240Vac. PN3A/53A. TCPD 1987.
OS2/53, this Panel
Power requirements
Termination Panel. This unit terminates the HNl/16
Honitoring Detector, and is used to interface with bayside
wiring; it is used in VHF/FM Transmitter Input Equipment
Bays. PN3A/79A. Sub-unit MN1/16. TCPD 1987.
Termination Panel. This Panel is used with
series Comparator Monitor, and forms a part
Transmitter Input Equipment Bays. Options A-D
to the A-D versions of the MN4/10. PN3A/97A.
MN4/10A-D. TCPD 1987.
an MN4/10-
Termination Panel. This is a rear-panel for
SE2/36-series Programme Changeover Units, used
Transmitter Input Equipment Bays. PN3A/53B.
SE2/36A-D. TCPD 1987.
a pair of
Termination Panel. This is a rear Termination Panel for a
pair of UN23/191 system control units; it may also be
configured by DIL switches to accommodate the UN23/191A, as
used on VHF/FM Transmitter Input Equipment bays.
PN3A/53B. TCPD 1987.