PA2000s9 PA20/s9
Termination Panel.
is used with the UN12/28
Over-temperature Display Unit, used in the control racks of
Marconi B6s26 10kW and 20kW transmitters. It has a 38-way
Varicon plug for connection with the transmitter circuitry.
TED 1987.
PA200s04 PA20/s04A,B
Termination Panel.
This fits a 2U frame PN3/ss,
and is
s3mm wide (A size). It consists of a PN3A/s1A with a 17
way Souriau connector and a metal bracket fitted with PO
Musas. Mains connector are also fitted. The 'A' version
is wired for a Video Distribution Amplifier and the 'B'
version for a video delay unit. DD 1976. DDMI 8.583(77).
PA200s0s PA20/s0s
Termination Panel for AM4/s31
4U distribution amplifier.
Has provision for mixing tie1ine equalisers. DD 1976.
DDMI 8.584 (77).
PA200s07 PA20/s07A
Termination Panel.
Replacement for PA20/s07, Termination
Panel for 3 channel distribution amplifier AM4/s32. 3
looped inputs, 4 outputs per channel, MUSA connectors.
Mains connector. Power requirements 240V 50Hz. PN3A/79A.
Supersedes PA20/S07. DD 1981.
PA200s08 PA20/s08
PA200s09 PA20/s09
PA200s10 PA20/s10
PA200s11 PA20/s11
PA200s12 PA20/s12
PA200s14 PA20/s14
Terminaton Panel for the AMs/s27 Video Amplifier. 4U high
x A wide x s1mm approximately deep. DD 1977.
Termination Panel. Designed to work specifically with the
Pulse Distribution Amplifier AM4/s33. It will consist of a
front plate PN3A/sOA and a bracket PN3A/79 modified to
accept 12 single hole fixing musa's and the equaliser
housing EQs/s40. Supersedes PN3A/41A. DD 1977. DDMI
Termination Panel. Video and mains termination panel for
the Video Sending Amplifier. PN3A/79. DD 1977.
Termination Panel. Similar to PA20/6 but with 3dB 7sQ pad
fitted into the video input. PN3A/79A. Parent equipment
AM7L/s13. SCPD OBU 1982.
Termination Panel to provide mains and coaxial connections
to the UN14/s37, Pulse Delay Unit. PN3A/79. DD 1978.
Connection Panel for GE6/s41. Facilitates connection of
necessary inputs and outputs on MUSA connectors, remote
control on 20 way Varicon, and a.c. mains supply. Mounts
on rear of 4U frame PN3/s4. DD 1978. DDMI 9.237(79).
Connector Panel for EQs/s46 (Mains version). This panel
mounts the mains and signal connectors necessary for
operation of an EQs/ 546. It also mounts the ba1/unba1
switch. Versions for d.c. and for mains/battery operation
may be produced later if required. Power requirements
PN3/s0B and PN3A/s3B. DD 1978. DDMI 6.341(78).
EQs/s14A Connector Panel (Mains). Provision of additional
rear connector and associated wiring on existing PA20/s14
necessary for operation for EQs/s46A. SCPD OB 1981.