PA200540 PA20/540
PA200541 PA20/541
PA200542 PA20/542
PA200543 PA20/543
PA200544 PA20/544
PN010031 PN1/31A-E
PN010032 PN1S/32
PN010033 PN1/33A,B
PN010034 PN1/34
PN010035 PNl/35
PNOl0036 PNl/36
PNOl0037 PN1/37
C09/511 Termination Panel. Rear Termination Panel for DAC
C09/511. PCB: Non-Standard 6 U. Parent equipment C09/511.
D & E D(V) 1986.
CD2L/529 Termination Panel. Provides mains and signal
connections to CD2L/529. D & ED (V) 1987.
CD3L/552 Termination Panel. Provides mains and signal
connections to CD3L/552. D & ED (V) 1987.
UN17/529 Termination Panel. BMM Termination Panel, to be
used with the UN17/529 Digital Phase Shifter. BNC sockets
pass the video signal, and a 20-way Varicon passes the
control voltage. Power requirements 240Vac. Chassis code
PN3A/54 plus PN3A/50A. Replaces unit made locally by
PID.Tel (not coded). Sub-units UN17/529. D & ED (Support
Lab.) 1987.
UN14/550 Termination Panel. This is a dedicated
termination panel for the UN14/550 Colour Phasing Delay
Unit. It has provision for mounting an input attenuator
and/or an equaliser (EQ5/550). PN3A/54. D & ED 1987.
Dummy panels for use with the BMM sytem on bays PN1/31A
1U high, PN1/31B - 2U high, PN1/31C - 3U high, PNl/31D - 4U
high, PNl/31E - 5U high, full width panel, 482.6mm wide x
3mm thick. Anodised to ED138. ED 1976.
Input Interface Panel (Unequipped) . Accepts 8 pairs of
input interface units for Monitoring and Information Centre
main stores.
The units accepted are COl/8,
Serial to
Parallel Data Converter, and UN26/2, Input Interface
Processing Units. The back panel has provision for 3 off
PS2/195A Stabilised Power Suppliers but is supplied
unequipped, units are inserted according to site
requirements. PN3/54. DD 1985.
Dummy panel to fill sapces in PN3/23 where no units are
fitted. A - single version (54mm wide), B - double versin
(108mm wide). Aluminimum alloy panel, without handle,
finished E.D.41 (white), a less expensive version of PN1/6A
and PN1/6B. ED 1977.
2U BMM Panel, based on PN3/31B Dummy panel with 3 x 60 way
tags trips
installations. SCPD 1978.
2U BMM Panel, based on PN3/55, to accommodate 20 'Type 25'
relays. Replacement for PNl/26 in some applications. SCPd
Ventilation Panel. 483mm x 44mm dummy panel with protected
expanded metal slots to provide ventilation. Anodised to
match BMMs. Similar to PNl/19. ED 1978.
Transformer Panel. Based on PN3/67 General Purpose Panel
with equipment mounting plate drilled to accept 8 LL238/H12
transformers. (16 if they are mounted on both sides) and